Paragliding and River Rafting To Resume in Kullu, Operators to Follow Rules or Face Penalisation

Adventure sports like paragliding and Rafting is all set to resume operations in Kullu. The move is sure to boost tourist footfall back into the region. 

Due to heavy monsoons earlier, the season was highly unsuitable for such activities and was put to a stop to during the time period of July 16 to September 15 in the interest of the safety of tourists. The season brought along extreme flooding of rivers, high-speed winds which could turn out to be life-threatening for tourists. Hence, Kullu administration decided to put them on hold for some time. 

Despite the demand for these activities in Kullu, no proper supervision is ensured for these thriving operators who face regular issues in Kullu. No sustainable setup has been established for the adventure sports here. Most of the operators don't stay put and earn quick bucks during peak seasons. 

Sources have revealed that "There are operators who do not follow proper safety procedures; while some operate outdated paragliders and harnesses, some even go ahead with two children at a time". 

Rafting has caused several unfortunate incidents as it exercises without rescue boats, therefore causing several casualties. 

This problem can be contained by enlightening the people around to opt for government-run operators for such activities to avoid mishaps, said an official. He also said that operators equipment will be inspected by a proper committee and that they need to bear a valid license to operate such adventure activities in Kullu. 

In the past few years, this is the first time that operators have been notified for carrying out illegal paragliding and Rafting activities in Kullu. Never have they been previously ever since. 

People held indulging in illegal activities will be booked under non-bailable sections. 

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This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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