City of Weavers in India - Panipat's Weaving Dreams

India is a pioneer in nicknaming cities according to their speciality. Every city or town that has an abundance of anything is nicknamed after it, giving it honour and recognition. For example, Hyderabad is the Pearl City of India, Jamshedpur is the Steel City of India, and many, many more.
Following this trend, Panipat in Haryana is nicknamed the City of Weavers in India.

Why is Panipat called the City of Weavers in India?

1. Handloom Production

City of Weaves -Panipat
Handloom industry in Panipat
The handloom industry in Panipat is the largest and the best in the country. Panipat is world famous for manufacturing darri, carpets, mats, table covers, bed sheets, bed covers, curtains and other fabrics.

It is also the most significant centre in the country for the export of cotton durries, rugs and Mats. All these products are exported nationwide as well as in foreign countries like Canada, Japan, Germany and Australia. The handloom industry in Panipat is the largest consumer of rags used for re-processing. All the weaving activities in these handlooms contribute towards Panipat being called as the City of Weavers in India.

2. Yarn Products Exporter


Panipat is the biggest producer of shoddy yarn in the world. Shoddy yarn is a type of yarn made from scrap or pieces of use cloth. This process requires a lot of human resources and machinery. Panipat has all that it takes to produce shoddy yarn, utilize it for manufacturing blankets and even export it. Panipat is the biggest manufacturer of low priced, good quality blankets in the country. An essential application of the raw materials found here is in barrack blankets for the Indian armed forces. Panipat exports blankets to armed forces and markets all across India and in some foreign countries as well.

3. Weaving Employment

The handloom industry of Panipat has given jobs to many weavers. The workforce here is not only native to Haryana, but it comes even from the neighbouring states. Apart from weavers, even businesses, engineers and investors approach Panipat’s industries. Panipat’s sub-division Samalkha is famous for Foundry of Agriculture Instruments, which has opened the gates of employment for a large chunk of mass. The City of Weavers in India has generated employment for skilled weavers from all over the country, and thus, justified the nickname given to it.

4. Small Scale Industries

Panipat’s economy constitutes of many small scale handloom industries. These industries run by the laws and regulations of the state and central governments. Plant and machinery aids them, which have made them grow immensely in recent years. Labours from the surrounding cities also find a home in the City of Weavers. These small scale industries have given living to thousands of weavers and escalated the economic growth of Panipat.

5. Export Houses

Panipat is a market for woven items, like rugs, carpets, mats, blankets, woollens, etc. A leading hub for these products is Nehru Place in Panipat. Reselling and importing takes place in Panipat’s sister city, Sonipat. There are specialized markets for selling and selling of these products. These make Panipat a weaver’s paradise - they can create a variety of items and get them sold in bulk across the country.

6. Information Technology

The Information Technology industry has flourished in Panipat and has aided the weaving processes. Most of the export units are shifting towards information technologies. IT has provided support to the industrial functions in the City of Weavers in India. It has also provided jobs to many engineers and technicians. Thus, we can say that Panipat has woven the dreams of IT experts living in and around the city.

Panipat is nicknamed the City of Weavers in India because thousands of weavers have made their living here, in the most extensive handbook and shoddy yarn industry of the country. Panipat manufactures and exports fabrics, blankets, mats, rugs, carpets, and other items throughout the country and even abroad.

More Details About The City of Weavers in India

Panipat is in Haryana, situated 90 kms from the national capital, Delhi. Panipat is a historically significant town. It was the epicentre of the stories of Mahabharata. The Battle of Panipat is also of immense significance in the history of India.

Currently, Panipat is significant for its handloom and yarn production. This industry has bloomed here, and generate income as well as employment for several people in and around the city. It is a major export hub for India. The fabric and yarn manufactured in the handloom industry of Panipat is the raw material for making several products like clothes, blankets, carpets, rugs, mats, bed sheets, bed covers and many more. It is beneficial in contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.

Panipat has not only bloomed in terms of handloom and textile industry, but it has also provided a livelihood to many weavers across India, and many technicians as well due to which Panipat is called the City of Weavers in India.

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