VITS Excellensea - Dapoli

Post Dapoli Distt, Ratnagiri Mukam Kond
(29 reviews)

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Location & Nearby Places

Post Dapoli Distt, Ratnagiri Mukam Kond

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Panhalakaji Caves

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Kelshi Beach

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Unhavare - Hot springs

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Parshuram Bhumi

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Murud Beach

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Reviewers Mention About VITS Excellensea - Dapoli

The hotel is located right on the beach, providing stunning sea views and a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are spacious with basic facilities, however, some areas may show signs of rust due to the pr (Read More)oximity to the sea. The food is tasty and the staff is courteous and friendly. The beach is clean and beautiful, perfect for family and friends. The overall experience is value for money, with a cooperative and helpful staff.
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