Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe

What is the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

The best time to visit Zimbabwe is during the winters. Most people come for the national parks and safaris. During this time animal spotting is easier. Additionally, the temperatures are agreeable during the day,making traveling easier.

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November to March (Warm wet season)

It is the best time to feast at the natural beauty of Zimbabwe and marvel at the green landscapes. Rainy season is a good time for bird watching.

April to May (Wet cool season)

This is the best time to see the spray of Victoria falls and visit the eastern highlands. A lot of festivals take place during this time.

May to August ( Cool dry winter season)

Most people decide to travel during this time as the weather is agreeable. However, the nights can get quite chilly. Animals gather around waterholes during this time making it easier to spot them.

August to October ( Warm dry season )

October can get very hot in the low-lying areas, with temperatures well above 32¡C/90¡F. Hwange is best visited in September-October when it is a magnet for big elephant herds.

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