Best Time To Visit Wales

What is the best time to visit Wales?

>Weather is warm and pleasant > Events and Festivals are happening everywhere >Flowers are blooming; rare species of butterflies and birds can be spotted > Outdoor activities like horse riding, trekking, hiking can be opted for

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Spring (March-May)

It is one of the prettiest seasons in Wales as the flowers are in full bloom and the temperatures are pleasant and warm. It is claimed to be the best time to visit Wales. Lots of festivals are taking place and festivity is in the air. Walks through a flowery woodlands and farm visits to spot playful, little spring lambs are a must. Prices are also low and very dew tourists can be seen. Overall, a good time to visit.

Summer (June-August)

This is the warmest season and a good time to spot exotic, unusual flowers such as summer wild flowers, wild roses and Welsh poppy that grow around streams and in the woods, making for a beautiful and delightful landscape all around. It is also an excellent time to go birdwatching and butterfly-spotting as rare species like the Red Admiral and Peacock and make an appearance. Opt for outdoor activities such as BBQs and cycling to make the most a Welsh summer. The vibe is festive as tourists throng to Wales - book in advance to avoid problems.

Autumn (Sept-Nov)

A great time to witness the transition of the flora - as green leaves turn to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red - scattered all over parks and roads. The weather is still warm and comfortable to enjoy walks and picnics. A good time to enjoy water sports and taste the produce from fruit harvests at festivals and events.

Winter (Dec-Feb)

Best time to explore the wilderness and offbeat locations in Wales - old castles, deserted beaches, huge waterfalls and snow-covered mountains. Also a good time to go bar-hopping and settle in a cozy pub/bar for the night in order to enjoy a nice drink near a roaring fire.

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