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Getting Around Denmark

Continent: Europe
Region: Scandinavia

Getting Around in Denmark

Being one of the most important countries in Europe, Denmark is well connected internally with proper rail, water, road and air services. The public transportation system is great with affordable fares in most cases. There are also various discounts and offers available for travelling in public transport.

Getting Around Denmark By Air

Domestic routes in Denmark are operated by Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Airlines and Cimber Air. All major cities are connected to Copenhagen and there are no direct routes between the regional airports. The major domestic airport hubs in Denmark are Billund, Aalborg, Aarhus, Karup, Bornholm and Sonderborg. The prices are pretty expensive so these are not the most sought option, but it is always a time saving idea.

Getting Around Denmark By Other

Biking is one of the best methods of commuting in Denmark as it is easy as well as safe. There are kerbed bike lanes in almost all the cities. Biking is prohibited in some locations, but one can use the train to travel for that as bikes are allowed on trains.

Getting Around Denmark By Rail

The main train service in Denmark is the Danish State Railways or DSB. It is a very comfortable way of travelling within the country and Eurail passes are valid for all rides on DSB trains. There are some other lines as well which are operated by the British company Arriva. All the tickets are available at the station or can be booked through the websites.

Getting Around Denmark By Road

Driving around in a car is a good option to explore Denmark as the roads are well-maintained all over the country. Bus services are also great here. One can travel from Jutland to Copenhagen by buses run by Abildskou and they are much cheaper than the train fares.

Getting Around Denmark By Water

Denmark consists of a few small islands and the only way to reach them is by ferry. There are 55 ferry routes within the country, the two important ones being Nordic Ferry and Mols Linien. Islands like Bornholm can be easily reached in a ferry.

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