Things to do in Jabalpur


Top things to do in Jabalpur

Jabalpur, a city located in the centre of Madhya Pradesh, can get hot quickly during the summers. It could be excruciating to plan any visits to this place, especially family summer vacations. One of (Read More) the best solutions to planning a visit to Jabalpur is to include any of these water parks in your itinerary. The water rides can quickly soothe away your summer blues and provide a much exciting, relaxing and fun-filled time with your family and loved ones. It is a clever solution to all your problems at once. Try and include all of these fantastic options into your plan so that neither a day goes by without some fun.

Here is the list of 3 Things to do in Jabalpur

1. Boat ride to Bhedaghat

Boat ride to Bhedaghat
3.4 /5

From Panchvati Ghat to Bhedaghat, one can enjoy ride on a motorboat from the morning 7am to 7pm on a 22km path. The whole way is very picturesque.

2. Sea World Water Park

Sea World Water Park
3.4 /5

Only water park in Jabalpur, this is a fun water park for children and teenagers. The fees are around Rs.100 per person and the timings are around midday to 5pm.

3. Cable Car across Dhuandhar Falls

Cable Car across Dhuandhar Falls
3.1 /5

To get from one side to another, there is a cable car which takes around Rs. 60 for a return trip. This ropeway gives a magnanimous view of this magnificent waterfalls.

Waterparks are fun at all ages. Visit any of these waterparks to refresh for yourself a childhood glee and enjoyment on having water splash at you from all directions. Plan a trip to Jabalpur and make sure you do not miss out on these waterparks.

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