Temples in Mount Abu

Here is the list of 7 Temples in Mount Abu

1. Dilwara Temples

Dilwara Temples
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Located amidst the lush green Aravalli hills of Mount Abu in Rajasthan, the Dilwara Temple is the most beautiful pilgrimage site for the Jains. Designed by Vastupal Tejpal and built by Vimal Shah between the 11th and 13th century, this temple is renowned for the opulent use of marble and intricate carvings on every hook and corner. From the outside, the Dilwara Temple looks quite austere but, once you enter the inside, you will go head over heels with the stunning designs and patterns carved on roofs, walls, archways and pillars.

2. Arbuda Devi Temple

Arbuda Devi Temple
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Arbuda Devi Temple is considered the most sacred pilgrim point in Mount Abu and stands as a testimony to the rich architectural heritage of Rajasthan. Legend has it that 'Adhar' of the goddess fell and it was found hanging in mid-air owing to which the temple is also known as Adhar Devi Temple. Arbuda Devi is considered as the incarnation of Katyayani Devi. The temple is a favourite Hindu pilgrimage spot and it is swarming with devotees during the 9 holy days of the Navratri season.

3. Raghunath Temple

Raghunath Temple
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Shri Raghunath Ji Temple is a 650-year-old temple on the shores of Nakki Lake in Mount Abu dedicated to the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Predominantly, it visited by Vaishnavites who consider the temple as one of the most sacred places on Earth. Raghunath Ji is believed to save his followers from all the natural calamities and believed to liberate one from the pain and problems of life. The architectural heritage of Mewar can be seen through several wall inscriptions and delicate paintings and carvings can be found at the Raghunath Temple.

4. Gaumukh Temple

Gaumukh Temple
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One of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Mount Abu, the Gaumukh Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The major attraction of this temple is the sacred climb of 700 stairs as it offers both a panoramic view of the surrounding valley and is famous for the religious pilgrimages and meditation throughout the year. Amidst the thick dense forest, Gaumukh (Cow's Head) welcomes you with a statue of Nandi alongside idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Rishi Vashistha.

5. Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

The Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple is a Lord Shiva temple in the Achalgarh Fort complex. It is believed to have been built around the toe print of Lord Shiva who is worshipped here in the form of Shiva Linga. This Shiva Linga is believed to change colour 3 times during the day - red in the morning, saffron during the afternoon and wheatish in the evening.
Timings : 6 AM - 8 PM

6. Shankar Math

Shankar Math

Shankar Math is a Lord Shiva temple in Mount Abu. It is known for the 9ft tall Shiva Linga made of black stone which gives it the impression of Lord Shiva's dreadlocks. Devotees believe his third eye self-manifested on this Shiva Linga making Shankar Math highly revered.

7. Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple in Mount Abu is one of the many Swaminarayan Temples in India. It is located on top of a scenic hill with a panorama view of Mount Abu. Besides being a temple, it is a seva ashram  -  a home for people recovering from illness and in need of medical treatment. The temple is dedicated to Swaminarayan or Sahajanand Swami, a renowned yogi.

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