Places to Visit near Rajkot

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Places to Visit near Rajkot

Here is the list of 11 Places to Visit near Rajkot

1. Ishwariya Park - 7 km from Rajkot

Ishwariya Park - 7 km from Rajkot

Ishwariya Park is a popular place to visit, which is located in the city of Rajkot. It was opened in 2008, the inauguration of which was done by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. Ever since the beautiful park has attracted a lot of people. The 77 acres park has a vast lake where boating can be enjoyed. Although the lake almost gets drained during summers, it is flourishing and full during winters.

Distance from Rajkot: 3 km

2. Pradhyuman Zoological Park - 7 km from Rajkot

Pradhyuman Zoological Park - 7 km from Rajkot

Pradhyuman Zoological Park is located near Lalpari Lake in Rajkot, Gujarat. It is commonly referred to as the Pradhyuman/Rajkot Prani Sanghralaya. The area covered by the park is 137 acres wide. Many locals and tourists visit this place as a popular picnic destination as an excursion or a school tour visit. The two lakes surrounding the park – Lake Lalpari and Lake Randarda provide a natural habitat for migratory birds along with the variety of flora and over thirty-five thousand trees.

Distance from Rajkot: 5 km

3. Aji Dam - 7 km from Rajkot

Aji Dam - 7 km from Rajkot

Dividing the city of Rajkot along its east-west line, the Aji river is one of the most important rivers of the region. It supplies considerable water for drinking as well as for agricultural purposes, and is also often referred to as the ‘lifeline of Rajkot’. There are four dams across the Aji river, which was completed in the year of 1954; the garden and the zoo were inaugurated later in June 2017, by the Prime Minister.

Distance from Rajkot: 2 km

4. Nyari Dam - 14 km from Rajkot

Nyari Dam - 14 km from Rajkot

Situated at a distance of 5 km from Rajkot in Gujarat, Nyari Dam is a scenic picnic spot that is frequented by several tourists. Besides, Nyari Dam also draws a lot of birdwatchers as the area is visited by several migratory birds especially during the winter season. As the spot is located on the outskirts of the city, it provides the much needed respite from the chaos and hustle bustle of the city. Many people come here on an everyday basis, both locals and tourists to relax and unwind, amidst pristine surroundings.

5. Gondal - 39 km from Rajkot

Gondal - 39 km from Rajkot

Around 35 kilometres south of Rajkot lies the quaint city of Gondal. The city is known for its collection of automobiles as well as its efficient road network which was the best during the olden days. The city retains its grandeur and sense of royalty with the help of the Riverside Palace and the Darbargadh. The Riverside Palace which was built in 1875 is now a heritage hotel whose enormous grounds double into a forest reserve where individuals can occasionally spot deer and rare bird species.

6. Khambhalida Caves - 65 km from Rajkot

Khambhalida Caves - 65 km from Rajkot

Khambhalida Caves, also known as Rajkot Caves, are a set of three Buddhist caves. They are located near the Gondal town in the Rajkot district of Gujarat. They were discovered in the year 1958 by a renowned archaeologist, P.P. Pandya. Out of the three caves, the centre cave is named chaitya and is a worn out stupa. These caves date back to the 4th century AD and are believed to be the oldest caves in Rajkot and a true architectural wonder. The Khambhalida Caves are being maintained by the Archaeology Department of Gujarat. The caves were cut out of limestone rocks.

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7. Junagadh - 103 km from Rajkot

Junagadh - 103 km from Rajkot
2.5 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Mahabat Maqbara Uparkot Fort Girnar Hill

Being the capital of Junagadh Princely State once, the town shines with historical significance with many historical monuments to see. Junagad is also very close to the Girnar Hills and the world renowned Gir National Park. Catch a glimpse of the wild in the Sakkabaug Zoo and the Wildlife Museum. Also visit the Girnar Hills and get a feel of the serene yet religious atmosphere. The fort at Uperkot is another tourist magnet.

Distance from Rajkot: 102 km

Best Time: July to March

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8. Gir National Park - 168 km from Rajkot

Gir National Park - 168 km from Rajkot
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Gir National Park is the only remaining home for the Asiatic Lions that are almost a definition to this park in Gujarat, which has a lot more to offer. Gir provides you with the unique experience of visiting a place which almost singularly plays a crucial and defining role in the preservation and sustaining of a certain species. The preservation of these lions was initiated by the Nawab of Junagadh when these were just about to enter the phase of extinction due to hunting.

Distance from Rajkot: 163 km

Best Time: July to March

9. Chorwad Beach - 177 km from Rajkot

Chorwad Beach - 177 km from Rajkot

Located in Somnath, Chorwad Beach is one of the most serene and tranquil places to relax and enjoy in the state of Gujarat. Once a historically and culturally thriving place and home to the royal palace of Nawab of Junagadh, Chorwad Beach now even in ruins looks incredibly magical and is a must visit. A large number of people does not visit this beach and hence remains quiet and peaceful. Also though the water here is not ideal for swimming in, this beach provides ample opportunities to enjoy and relax.

10. Bhavnagar - 178 km from Rajkot

Bhavnagar - 178 km from Rajkot
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Known For : Gaurishankar Lake Nilambag Palace Shopping in Bhavnagar

Splendid splashes of the passionate waves of the Gulf of Khambat, an ancient history of ocean trade, vibrant culture, warm locals, bazaars brimming with people and chitter chatter, the enchanting architecture makes Bhavnagar a happy developing town in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Located at the southern tip of Gujarat peninsula, Bhavnagar is known as the cultural centre of the state of Gujarat.

Distance from Rajkot: 174 km

Best Time: October to January

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11. Porbandar - 180 km from Rajkot

Porbandar - 180 km from Rajkot
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Known For : Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary Kirti Mandir, Porbandar Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

The birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, Porbandar is a beautiful beach town with some temples and dams, and is now also a popular trading hub. The coastal city with a significant event in its history is a tourist destination which modestly offers a number of attractions. Apart from the haveli where Gandhiji was born which has now been converted into a temple, there are a few more temples, dams, reservoirs, serene beaches and wildlife spots as well to add to your experience in Porbandar.

Distance from Rajkot: 180 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

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