Places to Visit near Puri

Places to Visit near Puri

Here is the list of 10 Places to Visit near Puri

1. Pratyush Ocean World - 6 km from Puri

Pratyush Ocean World - 6 km from Puri

Pratyush Ocean World Water Park is situated in Batamangala New Bay Pass Road in Puri. Besides the umpteen rides and water activities, the park also has several food options available for the visitors. In addition to that, the park also hosts family functions, events and gatherings on prior reservations.

Distance from Puri: 5 km

2. Udayagiri Caves - 7 km from Puri

Udayagiri Caves - 7 km from Puri

The ancient Udayagiri caves are situated near Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha. The Udayagiri caves are famous for 33 rock-cut chambers displaying Hindu and Jain sculptures and wall paintings. The history of these caves dates back to the Gupta Period around 350-550 CE, an era of the foundation of Hindu religious ideas. The most famous structure at Udayagiri Cave is a 5 feet tall statue of Vishnu's Boar Avatar with the worshipful masses standing in homage by the sides.

3. Blue Splash Water Park - 9 km from Puri

Blue Splash Water Park - 9 km from Puri

Spread over eight acres of land area, Blue Splash Water Park boasts of over seven massive water rides spread over a variety of pools. Besides, it has an adjacent amusement park, play area for children, snacks facility, changing and locker rooms etc.

Distance from Puri: 9 km

4. Raghurajpur Artist Village - 10 km from Puri

Raghurajpur Artist Village - 10 km from Puri

Raghurajpur village is a heritage crafts village near Puri, known for Pattachitra paintings, as well as other art forms like palm leaf engraving, wood and stone carvings, papier mache and Gotipua folk dance, the predecessor of classical Odissi dance style. The village is also the only place where the traditional decoration for Lord Jagannath's throne, called Patas, is made.

Distance from Puri: 10 km

5. Baliharachandi Beach - 23 km from Puri

Baliharachandi Beach - 23 km from Puri

Baliharachandi Beach is the much quieter and offbeat alternative to the Puri Beach, with a peaceful calm and tranquillity about the whole place. There are not many people here, and even fewer stalls. Since the beach falls between Puri and Konark, visitors take a round on the way. Scurrying little crabs, scattered seashells and an unobstructed view of the sea make up for the lack of other entertainment.

Distance from Puri: 23 km

6. Konark - 35 km from Puri

Konark - 35 km from Puri
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Known For : Sun Temple, Konark Chandrabhaga Beach ASI Museum

Konark, in the state of Orissa is renowned world over for the Sun Temple which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Annual dance festival and its beautiful sandy beaches. Konark's Sun Temple is an architectural marvel and is one of the most beautiful monuments of India. The Annual Dance Festival is a five day-long cultural extravaganza which invites unique dancing talent from all over the country.

Distance from Puri: 35 km

Best Time: September to March

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7. Pipili - 36 km from Puri

Pipili - 36 km from Puri

Pipili is a town in Puri, famous for the abundant handicraft products which are available here for sale. The entire economy depends on the crafts, and they provide all sorts of products. Figures of Gods, animals, birds, flowers etc., pillow covers, sheets, handbags, purses are all of the best quality here. The town itself has numerous food stalls to sate hunger in between shopping.

Distance from Puri: 36 km

8. Bhubaneswar - 61 km from Puri

Bhubaneswar - 61 km from Puri
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Known For : Lingaraj Temple Nandankanan Zoological Park Rajarani Temple

Bhubaneswar, the temple city of India, once known for its architecture and grand temples, is presently a thriving centre for commerce and business. Bhubaneshwar is an ancient city replete with beautiful historic temples which attract pilgrims and tourists from all over the country. The name of the city literally means Lord of the Universe, rightly reflected in the number of temples here and the religious fervor of its locals.

Distance from Puri: 61 km

Best Time: October to March

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9. Cuttack - 81 km from Puri

Cuttack - 81 km from Puri
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Known For : Bhitarkanika National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary Barabati Fort Stone Revetment

Referred to as the cultural capital of Odisha, Cuttack is a commercial city with plenty of impressive tourist attractions. Cuttack is the second-largest city in Odisha and the former capital as well. Local handicrafts of this state are displayed and traded in this very city. Cuttack is always buzzing with cultural activities and plays host to a variety of festivals like the Baliyatra, which commemorates the ancient trade links the countries like Java, Bali and Sumatra, Durga Puja and the Kite Festival which is held in the month of January.

Distance from Puri: 81 km

Best Time: July to March

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10. Berhampur - 176 km from Puri

Berhampur - 176 km from Puri
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Known For : Gopalpur beach, Dhabaleshwar temple and beach Sri Sri Sri Sidhi Binayak pitha Shopping in Berhampur

Berhampur, also known as Brahmapur is known as the home of Lord Brahma and is usually known as the silk city- the city which is famous for the lustrous ikkat silk sarees in different colours and patterns. Bomokei patta, named after the village Bomokei where excellent work out of brass and metal is created also is an attraction to the tourists here. Besides these beautiful handicrafts, handlooms and jewellery this city offers some of the best Papads (popadum), pickles, badis and fruits especially mangoes.

Distance from Puri: 175 km

Best Time: October to June

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