Gorgeous Parks in Patna for a Day-out Amidst Nature

Parks in Patna

The parks in Patna are replete with lush greenery, umpteen shady trees, innumerable benches to relax and an overall atmosphere of peace and ataraxy. Popular among people of all age groups, some of th (Read More)ese stunning parks also have a joggers' track to facilitate easy morning and evening walks, while some others boast of fun rides and swings for kids. These gorgeous green parks in Patna provide the much-needed breathing space in the otherwise cramped neighbourhoods, and fresh air to breathe. You can see the localities scuttering here in the summers for a cool breeze under the shady trees or for a sunny day out in winters. Some of these parks in Patna are as old as 1916 as Hardinge Park while some others are newly created as part of the beautification of the city. But regardless, all of these stunning parks are full of bounteous nature and blooming floral shrubs. You can visit any or all of them to relax and rejuvenate from the pell-mell of the city.

Here is the list of 8 Gorgeous Parks in Patna for a Day-out Amidst Nature

1. Buddha Smriti Udyan, Patna

Buddha Smriti Udyan, Patna
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Buddha Smriti Udyan also is known as Buddha Memorial Park is a large and beautifully maintained park in Patna. It also houses a stupa and has separate grounds for meditation. This is also a place where the ashes of Buddha are kept. It lies in close proximity to the railway station.

Entry: Park entry: Rs 20, Karuna stupa: Rs 50 for 2 hrs, Meditation: Rs 200 for 1 hour, Museum: Rs 40

Timings: 9 am–7 pm, Closed on Mondays

2. Eco Park, Patna

Eco Park, Patna

Patna Eco Park is a large, green area built to provide the visitors with a natural place to unwind. There are more than 3000 varieties of flora, a children's park, boating rides, pathways for jogging and cycling, food court, themed natural decorations and the occasional display of sculptures. Amidst the busy city, this is a place where the air feels fresh and the green soothes the eyes for a while.

Entry: Adult - Rs. 20 and Kids - Rs. 10
Timings: 8 am–7 pm, Closed on Thursday 

3. Gandhi Maidan, Patna

Gandhi Maidan, Patna
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Gandhi Maidan, previously known as the Patna Lawns, is a historic ground at Patna near the banks of Ganges River, in Bihar, India. The Golghar falls to its west. Gandhi Maidan is a historic ground situated near the river Ganges. Being in the centre of the city, it is a place of many activities, which can be gauged by the presence of many important buildings all around it. It has played an important role in the Independence movement and is a witness to the growth of the city. It is a destination of important rallies and fun & fairs, besides being the venue of Republic Day Parade and Independence Day ceremony.

Entry: No entry fee
Timings: 24 hours

4. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden , Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden , Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, or locally known as Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan was established in 1969 and has been a source of bounteous nature and greenery to the city ever since. Also known as Patna Zoo, this park in Patna has many varieties of flora and fauna, in addition to boasting facility, elephant ride, toy train for kids etc.

Entry: Adults Rs. 30, Children Rs. 10
Timings: March to October - 5.00 AM to 6.00 PM, November to February - 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM, Monday Closed

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5. Kumhrar Park, Patna

Kumhrar Park, Patna

Situated in Kankarbagh in Patna, Kumhrar Park is a vast stretch of green land provide fresh air and ample greenery to the neighbourhood. Besides, this is one of the parks in Patna which also houses a museum with relics from ancient history.

Entry: For Indian Citizen: Rs. 15, For Foreigner: Rs. 200
Timings: 10 am - 4 pm

6. Shaheed Pir Ali Park, Patna

Shaheed Pir Ali Park, Patna

Shaheed Pir Ali Park is situated in the Gandhi Maidan in Patna and is dedicated to the freedom fighter Pir Ali who was caught and hanged. Best suited for age groups, this park in Patna remains especially crowded during early mornings and evenings with the joggers.

Entry: Free entry
Timings: 5 am–9 pm

7. S K Puri Children's Park, Patna

S K Puri Children's Park, Patna

S K Puri Children's Park is situated in Boring Road in Patna and is essentially a children's' park with umpteen swings and slides for the kids. Besides it also has a jogging track which is used for early morning and evening walks.

Entry: Free entry
Timings: 5 am–7 pm, Tuesday closed

8. Hardinge Park, Patna

Hardinge Park, Patna

Hardinge Park or officially known as Shaheed Veer Kunwar Singh Azadi Park is an urban park in the city of Patna built in 1916. One of the oldest parks in Patna and in the country, it was dedicated to the British Viceroy Charles Hardinge.

Entry: Free entry
Timings: 6 am–8 pm

Hope you enjoyed our list of parks in Patna. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any!

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