Best Beaches in Tarkarli That Every Traveller Must Visit

List of Beaches in Tarkarli

The alluring charm, tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous beaches in Tarkarli can definitely not be missed when visiting Maharashtra. A fast growing tourist hub, the town is emerging to be the next best b (Read More)each destination after Goa owing to its surreal beauty, azure waters and wold-class beaches. Located alongside the Konkan coastline, its beautiful golden shores merging into the clear waters of the sea are a sight to behold. Lined with casuarina trees, home to charming backwaters of the Karli river, and several pristine beaches attract a lot of tourist influx. The beaches are lately gaining a lot of popularity- the remote location away from the din of the city provides the much-needed respite to the city folks. Besides, sunbathing and birdwatching, you can also try your hand at various adventure sports. The beaches in Tarkarli are blessed with clear waters and unpolluted shores which invites a lot of solitude seekers to come and visit the place. The coastline is also popular for frequent sightings of dolphins very close to the shore.

Here is the list of 14 Best Beaches in Tarkarli That Every Traveller Must Visit

1. Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach
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The beaches in Tarkarli are a paradise for beach lovers located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Tarkarli Beach is situated almost 7 km south of Malvan, at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. With countless beaches such as Kolam, Tarkarli and Achra, you could spend your whole day walking and lazing around and enjoying the various adventurous sports available.

2. Achara Beach

Achara Beach

Located at a distance of 22 kms from Malvan, Maharashta in Tarkarli, Achara Beach is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, leisure lovers, nature seekers and birdwatchers alike. The beach has got a plethora of activities for the tourists to choose from. It is also popular for regular sightings of beautiful dolphins from the shore.

3. Tsunami Island and Beach

Tsunami Island and Beach

Tsunami Island is an island cum beach is a deltaic island formed in the midst of river Tarkali River is a wonderful place both for beach lovers and nature seekers. The island can only be reached through a boat ride and offers a plethora of activities for the adventure enthusiasts, like kayaking, jet skiing, banana and bumper boat rides etc.

4. Devbaugh Beach

Devbaugh Beach

Devbaugh Beach is located in the village of Devbaugh near Tarkarli where the Arabian Sea meets the Karli River. Owing to its remote location and besotted with lush green vegetation, the beach is mostly visited by people looking to spend some moments of solitude or just to laze under the golden sunshine.

5. Chivla Beach

Chivla Beach

Chivla Beach is one of the smaller beaches in Tarkarli stretching only to an area of 1.5 kms. Popular for its beautiful golden setting sun and clear indigo waters, the beach offers perfect serenity and tranquility. Mostly occupied the fisherfolks of the adjoining villages, the beach is is one of the most untouched and unpolluted beaches of Tarkarli.

6. Vengurla Beach

Vengurla Beach

Vengurla Beach is another hidden gem located 50 kms away from Tarkarli. The beautiful beach, explored by few, offers a serene atmosphere with hills covered with palm, coconut, cashew and mango trees surrounding a part of the long stretch of the golden shoreline. The beach has also witnessed several historic events including attacks in the 19th century and is considered a site of historic importance in the country.

7. Nivati Beach

Nivati Beach

Known for its beautiful sandy shores and azure blue waters, Nivati Beach is located 32 kms away from Tarkarli. Popular as one of the most picturesque beaches in Tarkarli, the highlight of the beach is the Nivati Fort which invites a lot of tourists to visit the place.

8. Sagareshwar Beach

Sagareshwar Beach

Located at a distance of 50 kms from Tarkarli in Sagareshwar, Sagareshwar Beach is another peaceful beach with a coastline of 3 kms. The remote location guarantees you complete solitude and peace. Untouched by tourism and commercialisation, this beach in Tarkali also offers beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset.

9. Tondavali Beach

Tondavali Beach

Talashil Tondavali Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the country, still left quite unexploited. The long stretch of golden sand lined with coconut trees and the gentle glistening waves make it a perfect beach destination for those wanting to avoid the commercialised tourist attractions and are looking for a tranquil escape._

10. Kolamb Beach, Malvan

Kolamb Beach, Malvan

Kolamb Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Malvan. Boasting of picturesque beauty and mesmerising surroundings, the beach has a creek at one end. With very little crowd or tourists, the beach is an ideal place to spend some moments of solitude.

11. Mochemad Beach

Mochemad Beach

Mochemad Beach is located in Maharashtra, just 20kms from Arambol beach in Goa. It is quiet,clean and pristine. There is hardly any crowd here except for the fishermen and the local children. Mochemad beach is also a turtle nesting site and you're sure to find crabs scuttling about the beach. If you're looking for some peace and quiet then Mochemad Beach is the ideal place for you.

12. Mithmumbari Beach

Mithmumbari Beach

A largely unexplored beach in Maharashtra just 4km from Devgad.Mithmumbari beach is the perfect place to walk bare foot on the soft golden sands or jump into the cool blue water. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax amidst the crashing waves on the shore. The beach is quite secluded so be sure to pack all your food,water and clothes e.t.c.

13. Paradise Beach Tarkali

Paradise Beach Tarkali

Away from all the commotion in Tarkali,this beach is a real hidden gem. It's tranquil waters, swaying coconut trees,quaint shacks and crashing waves make it a real paradise. Many of the restaurant's serve fresh and delicious fish caught by the fishermen in the morning and if your're lucky you just might see a dolphin.

14. Kunkeshwar Beach

Kunkeshwar Beach

Kunkeshwar Beach is the most popular tourist spot in the hamlet of Kunkeshwar. Boasting of a lengthy coastline and golden sandy shores, the beach is also home to the Shiva Temple. In addition to that, Kunkeshwar Beach is nestled in the midst of hills that make the spot even more appealing. People come here for a swim in the calm cool waters. Or simply or rest their minds in a perfectly tranquil atmosphere.

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