Beaches in Paihia Perfect for a Relaxing Getaway

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Paihia is very close to the Bay of Islands which is hands down a beautiful place to visit. Apart from the beaches in Paihia we have also listed below some beaches around the area which can be reached (Read More) within a couple of hours.

Here is the list of 9 Beaches in Paihia Perfect for a Relaxing Getaway

1. Paihia Beach

Paihia Beach

This beautiful small beach in the town is one of the best beaches in Paihia and offers a great picnic spot to hang out with friends and family. The beach offers scenic views of the ocean during the sunrise and sunsets with plenty of shade. The beach has plenty of shade, playgrounds for children, decent public toilets and wash areas to wash feet. Kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding are common water activities here. The beach becomes very busy during weekends and holidays.

2. Matauri Bay Beach

Matauri Bay Beach

This beautiful white sand beach is peaceful and secluded and offers stunning views of the Cavalli islands. The Matauri Bay Beach is one of the best places to go on a picnic to in summer given its off the beaten location. The beach can be used to swim and snorkel, swim, surf and play without sharing the beach with too many people. Make sure to pack all that you need for the beach visit as the place does not have all the amenities.

3. Te Tii Bay

Te Tii Bay

Located in the northern end of Paihia, Te Tii Bay looks like it’s a private bay, but it’s really not. With the gushing waters and the spectacular views of the ocean and distant views of island Russell, the beach is also covered with native Pohutukawa trees offering plenty of shade to rest in. The beach offers a great spot to fish and swim in attracting small crowds during summers and weekends, making it one of the perfect beaches in Paihia for a weekend getaway.

4. Takou Bay

Takou Bay

This 2km long sandy beach is located to the north of Kerikeri with soft sand and pristine water. This beach is not a very famous one but should be on your list if you would like to experience the breathtaking beauty of the beach in private. This beach has good tides and is often favored by the surfers in the area. The beach offers plenty of shade and stunning views of the vast expanse of the ocean. The bay is not very commercial and does not have all the amenities needed for visitors.

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5. Oakura Bay

Oakura Bay

This stunning white sand beach is an ideal place to camp overnight with friends or family and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Paihia. The bay is has a peaceful and a relaxing environment with good shaded areas which proves to be a great place to escape from the monotonous everyday life. There are a lot of accommodations around the beach area suiting every budget and also a convenience store to make essential purchases. The beach is also great for swimming and fishing and other water based activities.

6. Sullivan’s Bay

Sullivan’s Bay

An ideal spot to unwind amidst picturesque landscapes on a weekend, this beach is also a camping area where one can also hike the beach length, kayak, swim and fish. The beach is well maintained with neat public toilets. This remote beach is located away from all the noises of the city and has a peaceful environment to have a great day out, making it one of the ideal beaches in Paihia for a quiet, relaxing time.

7. Matai Bay

Matai Bay

This stunning beach can get quite busy in the summer and offers a huge campsite for visitors to camp in overnight. The beach has a lot of native trees offering plenty of shade to relax in. Swimming and snorkeling are common activities here. If you get lucky, you can also spot dolphins in the ocean which is a sight to behold. The beach is not dog friendly and fishing is not allowed here.

8. Tapeka Point Beach

Tapeka Point Beach

This lovely sandy beach is located near Russell and offers some breathtaking views from a small hill overlooking the bay of islands. The place offers a small trail for people who love hiking for short distances and fishing spots from the rocks. The beach also has plenty of shade and picnic tables if you are looking to have a nice day out with family or friends.

9. Oke Bay

Oke Bay

This beautiful bay boasts clear golden sand and crystal clear water to swim in. This beach is often in the news and YouTube for the mystery sea creature that was spotted through the Google maps. The beach is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and native flora. The bay also serves as a great spot for dolphin and whale spotting. Other activities here include swimming, sailing and fishing.

We hope this article was useful to you. Do let us know in the comments section below of your experience if you have visited any of these beaches in Paihia.

This post was published by Nishaanthini

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