Beaches in Ajman

Beaches of Ajman are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather amid natureÍs beauty. Smooth white sand and pristine water of Ajman beaches serves as an ideal recreational spot for locals and t (Read More)ourists. Lined with numerous luxurious hotels, each property owns a private patch of beach. The key highlight of the beach other than ideal strolling is dolphin spotting, which are common off the coast. For non-guests, a day-pass can be bought from many hotels to explore the beach facility. With one of the most beautiful coastline in United Arab Emirates and pleasant weather conditions, the beach in Ajman is worth visiting.

Here is the list of 2 Beaches in Ajman

1. Zora Camping Beach

Zora Camping Beach

Zora Camping Beach, as the name suggests, is a preferred beachfront for camping. The attraction has a wide sandy beach which is perfect to set up a tent. A great place to spend under the starlit skies, Zora Camping Beach is also a campsite, where visitors can rent campsite bungalows if they do not want to stay in a tent. Zora Camping Beach is an excellent place for family and group outings.

2. Ajman Beach

Ajman Beach

Ajman Beach is a picturesque seashore that attracts a considerable number of people on weekends and more frequently during the summer season. The beachfront has a long stretch of white sand beach and clear blue waters. One can also find an ample number of restaurants nearby to have a delicious meal after a fabulous time at the beach.

Which are your favourites? Do you plan on visiting any? Have you been to any of the above beaches in Ajman? Let us know in the comments below!

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