Home is where the beach is !

After an almost one and half year stint in Delhi, I took a small break and went back home. The home that is so addictive – I will say this phrase again and again – but home that is so addictive to the lush greenery – a green that is unique to Kerala, to the pristine waters, to the sudden downpours, to the beaches and crowded metro-work infested roads, oh I can go on writing. What I missed most staying in the capital were the beaches. So the first chance I got, I went to the beautiful Marari beach.

Marari Beach 1

Marari Beach 2

Sometimes you take for granted what you have. But after living in the concrete jungle sans beaches, I was truly grateful for having come home. 


Marari sand

Marari fishermen

Just watching the sun set and the waves recede made me feel so much at ease. I am quite sure I’ll never get bored of this place.

Marari sunset




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