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Timings : 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : None

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Trashigang Overview

Officially launched in 2003, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is the newest protected area in Bhutan. Spanning 650 square kilometres on the easternmost region, it shares a border with Arunachal Pradesh in India. This sanctuary is known as the ‘paradise of rhododendrons’ as it costs around 35 species of the 46 rhododendron species found in Bhutan. It also serves as a home to a rare plant called the Eastern blue pine and the endemic black-rumped magpie. The migoi, a yeti-like creature whose existence remains unverified, is said to reside in the sanctuary, with the idea behind the place's creation being its protection. Amongst mammals, the sanctuary is home to species like the barking deer, Hoary-bellied Himalayan squirrel, and the Red Panda.

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