Mamara Guhai, Thiruvannamalai Overview

Literally translated, Mamara Guhai means the 'Tree Caves'. This is a religious spot in the hilly terrain of Thiruvannamalai. It is believed that this is the cave where the mystic saint Sri Ramana Maharishi carried out penances and meditation for six years.

There are shrines dedicated to Lord Shiv, Goddess Annapoorna and Rajeshwari along with Lingams of local Siddha Gurus. These caves are surrounded by the beauty of the hills and the view is breathtaking.

Top Hotels near Mamara Guhai

  • Sparsa Resort Thiruvanamalai

    Starting from INR 3,699

  • Athena Hotel

    Starting from INR 2,975

  • Arpanaa Hotel

    Starting from INR 3,000

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