Vedvyas, Rourkela Overview

Vedvyas earlier known as Parasara Munda.

Vedavyas in Rourkela is situated at a place where three rivers merge or unite. The three rivers are Sankha, Koel and underground Saraswati. It is believed that the place is named after a great sage named Vedvyas, who wrote Mahabharata. The place contains many temples around dedicated to different gods. Shivratri mela is the largest festival celebrated at Vedavyas. The best thing about the place is that near the river bank is situated a Sankirtan mandap, where sankirtan is going on for the past 13 years.

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Shivratri Mela at Ved Vyas

Shivratri mela is organised every year with great splendour. The scale of festival is so huge that lakhs of visitors and devotees come there to seek the Lord's blessings. The festival lasts for 10 to 14 days and is organised on the river Brahmani. A visit to the place will revive you with the culture and tradition of various religions.


Vedvyas contains a shiv temple which contais a shiv lingum which is said to be build of precious and expensive blackstone . There is a group of hills around the river Brahmani such as Mahavir hill nearest to the river , to the east is the pareasara hill etc . It consist of temple of lord rama and lord shiva . The place comes under one of the major thirtha. The depth of the vyas kund is between 40 - 50 feet . The three rivers around th evedvyas depicts three different colours . The Shankh is whitish color, Koel is quite black and that of Saraswati is sweet and transparent.

How To Reach Vedvyas

One can go to Vedavyas from Vedavyas Chowk which is on NH _ÑÐ 23, from Ranchi and Sambalpur square. Vedavyas is near about 1.5 kilometers from the said chowk which is accessible through Autorickshaw or Cyclerickshaw or by local bus.

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