Ad-Diriyah (Saudi early capital), Riyadh Overview

It is aætownæinæSaudi Arabiaælocated on the north-western outskirts of the Saudi capital,æRiyadh. The historic area of AdÍDiriyah is divided into two parts by the Wadi Hanifa and additionally into a number of different quarters.

Diriyah was the old home of Saudi Royal family. The ruins of the old city of Diriyah lay on either side of the narrow valley known as Wadi Hanifa, which continues southwards through Riyadh and beyond. Consisting almost entirely of mud-brick structures, the ruins are divided into three districts, Ghusaibah, Bujairi, and Turaif, set on top of hills overlooking the valley. Turaif Quarter: The main quarter of AdÍDiriyah, where the Al Saud house is situated. The area is located on the South Western mountain, surrounded by a wall overlooking all other quarters. Ghusaiba Quarter: This was the first Saudi capital up to 1683. Bujairy Quarter: Located on the Eastern bank of Wadi Hanifa. here youÍll find the mosque, a school, home of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab and the newly opened Diriyah gateway.

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Ad-Diriyah (Saudi early capital)

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