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Shilloi Lake, Phek Overview

The scenic Shilloi Lake is located at the base of the mountain ranges, the Patakai Range, that run along the Myanmar Border. When tourists visit this attraction, they also get to see the magnificent hills bordering the foot-shaped pristine natural water body and also explore them through trekking, hiking, nature walks etc. Many student excursions are arranged to the lake for studying the flora and fauna of the region. The natural environment is also deemed perfect for birdwatching, especially to observe the Siberian Cranes.

The lake is spread over an area of 0.5 to 0.30 sq. km. and is 4 metres deep. According to legend, a couple once lost their daughter in the middle of this lake. Even after searching endlessly, they were unable to find her. The only thing that is not allowed at Shilloi Lake is disturbing the water table while entering the waters. There is a prophecy that the waters of the lake should never be dried. So, any activities that affect the water are strictly prohibited.  

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Travelling around Shilloi Lake

Usually, to reach Shilloi Lake, travellers start early from Kohima and explore the town of Phek in between. A day-long picnic is irresistible here, but in case one wants to stay overnight or for a couple of days to soak in the natural beauty of the attraction, there are some options one can get but not exactly near the lake. Lutsam Village is where travellers can camp. The only hotels near the lake are all located in Kohima Village. Some of these hotels where travellers can book their accommodation in advance are – The Heritage, Hotel Japfu, Niramaya Retreats Aradhura Kohima, Hotel Ura, The Penthouse, Cimorb Hotel, Razhu Pru, Home 122, Orchid Lodge, The Eastgate Hotel etc. Travellers can also explore other attractions in Phek on their way. Some of these attractions are Dzudu Lake, Phek Waterfall, Khezhakeno Village, Glory Peak etc.

Food at Shilloi Lake

Foodies wanting to taste the local cuisine of Phek would be a little disappointed as there are no eateries near Shilloi Lake. So, going prepared with enough snacks and water is much recommended. Having said that, one can definitely make a pit stop at Phek for some food. There are restaurants, and eating joints where travellers can find local dishes like Smoked Pork Stew, Konshia Lon, Dry Pork, Steamed Fish etc. There are some restaurants that serve other dishes too like Punjabi, South India, Fusion etc. Jat Restaurant and Serrano Fusion Restaurant are quite famous here. Similarly, Kohima also has a good number of cafes and restaurants like the Spanish Family Restaurant, Dream Café, The Hut Restaurant, Yaotsu’s Veggie Table Restaurant, Ete Coffee, Amaris, D Café, Fifa Café etc.

How To Reach Shilloi Lake

Shilloi Lake is located in Phek District, about 125 kilometres to the east of Kohima Village in Nagaland. The most convenient way to commute to the attraction is via the roadways. The closest city to Phek is Dimapur (about 198 kilometres away) where the nearest Railway Station and the nearest Airport are located. Travellers can easily find a train or a flight heading to Dimapur from any major city in the country.
From Dimapur, tourists can take a cab or a city bus to reach Kohima/ Phek. The route from the Dimapur Railway Junction and the Dimapur Airport goes via AH1/ AH2/ NH 29 – AH 1/ NH 2 – NH 29. Buses are also available from Kohima to Phek, but within Phek, a taxi would make more sense to reach the lake.

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