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Currently the HQ of defence command Kodam II/Sriwijaya, Kuto Besak has initially been a fortified palace which acted as one of the four kratons of the Sultanate of Palembang, Kraton Kuto Gawang, Kraton Beringin Janggut and Kraton Kuto Batu/Kuto being its three predecessors.

Before the Dutch took over in 1821, it was a royal residence for years since its inauguration in 1797 by its patron ruler, Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin. As per the wish of his forefather, Mahmud Badaruddin he began the construction in 1780, Kuto Besak required a total of 17 years to finish, and it remained his residence till his exile by the Dutch to Ternate.

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Kuto Besak
Kuto Besak

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