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The Mahavira Temple, Osian Overview

The Mahavira Temple dates back to the Saka period in the 8th century when it was built in honour of the 24th Jain Tirthankara(God) of the Jain community, Lord Mahavira.

In the center of the temple lies the gigantic 32 inch sandstone statue of Lord Mahavira in the padmasana posture. The Main sanctum Sanctorum and the temple is surrounded by around 8-9 smaller shrines in the inner courtyard. Each of the these shrines have beautifully crafted statues all over the walls. In the inner courtyard, behind the main chamber, there are beautiful paintings explaining the life of Lord Mahavir and Jain culture. The level of peace and tranquility maintained here is unmatchable. Only a few hundred meters away from the Sachiya Mata Temple, don't give this holy place a miss.

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