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Shopping in Nathdwara, Nathdwara Overview

Nathdwara is a small town located in the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. Shopping is perhaps one of the most looked forward to activity on the go, and you can indulge yourself here. Nathdwara is famous for many goods, the most popular being the beautiful Picchavi paintings. These pictures illustrate Nathji in a various postures, moods and attires, and are fine examples of the fine craftsmanship of this town. These paintings are done on a variety of canvases, which includes cloth, silk, ivory and paper. You can also buy terracotta products from here, which are well known as well.

When it comes to shopping, Nathdwara has unique products to offer. Apart from Picchvai paintings and terracotta handicrafts, you can also buy 'attars' which are oil based natural perfumes. Tie and dye clothes from Nathdwara are also quite famous.

If you have a soft corner for sweets, do try the local variants of various sweet dishes as well. The handmade gold and silver jewellery from this town is quite endearing and will add a different dimension to your jewellery collection. You can also buy gold and silver toys, enamelware and filigree boxes from the local markets here.

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Picchavi Paintings

The most popular commodity from this region is the Picchavi style of paintings. This unusual painting style is indigenous to Rajasthan and is mostly used to illustrate cloth surfaces such as cotton and silk in addition to paper and ivory surfaces. In olden times, Picchavi artists used this art form to represent the life of Nathji, who is a manifestation of Lord Krishna. Each season and time of day have its rules for decorating the image, and artists had to commit the various rituals of the temples to their memory before they could paint it down. These paintings make beautiful souvenirs and should be first on your shopping list!

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