Review of Mumbai by Anjali Vij

Anjali Vij 7 months ago
The famous Dargah in Mumbai is located at an islet in southern Mumbai in Worli. The location as well as the mosque are lucratively located that leads so many tourists to the attraction. It is important to be very alert and conscious when visiting the Dargah largely because as it is open to all, different sorts of crowd gathers at the place and chances of pick-pocketing, chain-snatching, purse-looting are very high Secondly, there is an entire money-making business that takes place right before you enter the dargah where vendors will convince you to buy this and get this and definitely take that, even though nothing is required to be offered at the dargah apart from one? own willingness. Even the maulis inside the dargah will ask you for money, but do not fall in the trap as visiting the dargah is free of cost and you need not pay anywhere you do not wish.

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Ahana Das 3 months ago
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