Review of Mumbai by Yash Saboo

Yash Saboo 1 year ago
Mesmerising Mumbai: I curse Mumbai for its ever-growing population, the long distance one has to travel every day to reach someplace and the high levels of pollution. Yet, I fall in love with this City of Dreams every day and take pride in living in the largest cosmopolitan city in India. Newly moved to the city, I've become a thorough Mumbaikar already. Mumbai has a lot to offer. The Marine Drive is a star attraction on the waterfront especially at night when the golden lights form a "pearl necklace". It is a treat for the eyes. Sipping masala tea at Gateway of India at around 12 AM while breathing in the sea is something you should definitely try. I love walking down the Carter Road, Bandra any time of the day, with my head turning from side to side, trying to take it all the street food culture in.

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