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Going by the hefty name, you may have guessed there's an inkling of Indian mythology to this lake. The Bhimtal Lake, is believed to have been dug by the strongest of the Pandavas (the five brothers), Bheema of the Indian epic Mahabharata, to quench the thirst of his four brothers.

Bheema perceived to be the offspring of the Wind God of the mythology, Vayu, had the strength pf a thousand elephants, and known to move mountains and tear the earth asunder. The Lake is unarguably the largest lake in Kumaon, and located at an elevation of about 1371 meters. The Lake is now a habitat of fish cultivated as a part of a research project for various marine research institutes that have developed around a lake. It has essentially now a safe haven for various varieties of fishes, and in its own respect, a natural aquarium of sorts.

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