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Nagaur Fort, Khimsar Overview

Nagaur Fort, also known as Ahhichatragarh Fort, is an ancient historical fort situated in Nagaur District in Rajasthan. Built by Mughal rulers Shahjahan and Akbar under the Kashatriya rulers, the fort is known for its striking architecture - its high walls and big campus. Nagaur Fort has been a witness to several historical battles and hence holds a significant place in history. Currently, it has been turned into a heritage monument and is one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

The big campus houses ancient palaces, beautiful fountains, lush green gardens, rustic temples and a gorgeous atmosphere. The highlights of the Nagaur Fort are Akbari Mahal, Deepak Mahal, Hadi Rani Mahal and Amar Singh Mahal which are a reflection of the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan. A part of this fort has been now converted into a heritage hotel that provides luxury stay and services to the guests.

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Things to Do in Nagaur Fort

There are several places of attraction within the fort premises that boast of gorgeous architecture and are most loved by the tourists. Here’s listing some of them below-
  1. Hadi Rani Mahal is one of the biggest and the most beautiful palaces situated in the campus. Boasting of intricate lattice work, jharokas and several murals, Hadi Rani Mahal was named after the most renowned queen of the fort. Besides, it is adorned with several beautiful paintings made in the Nagaur style.
    Nagaur Fort
  2. Deepak Mahal is another one of the beautiful palaces in the premises. The highlight of this palace is the stunning Persian style floral designs on the wall. Besides, the walls also have several niches made in them to hold Persian lamps.
  3. Abha Mahal is the one which houses the most number of water reservoirs and water bodies in the form of hammams, fountains and water channels.
    Nagaur Fort
  4. Akbari Mahal is the newest addition to the list of palaces in the campus. It was built to commemorate the recapture of the Nagaur fort by the Mughals in the 16th century. It is built in the Rajput Mughal style of architecture.
  5. Other than the havelis, the open terrace at the top offers a magnificent bird’s eye view of the city below.
    Nagaur Fort
  6. The campus has several lawns and courtyards in the centre that are adorned with fountains and carpeted with glossy green grass. In addition to that, there are beautiful flower beds and pools to enhance the beauty of the fort.
  7. There are two temples in the Nagaur Fort- one that is dedicated to Lord Krishna and other to Lord Ganesha. These temples are also decorated with primitive paintings and beautiful murals. 
  8. The best part is that, the campus also has two mosques. One of it was built by Shah Jahan and is called the Shah Jahani mosque which has been beautifully decorated with blue tiles made in a mosaic. The other is called Jama Masjid and is used even today for Friday prayers.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Nagaur Fort is in Jodhpur which is around 145 km from Nagaur. The nearest railway station is in Nagaur itself which is around 10 min from the fort. Regular bus services are also operational from the neighbouring cities to Nagaur.

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