Madhavpur Beach, Junagadh Overview

Lined with gorgeous coconut trees and boasting of an ethereal landscape, Madhavpur is a stunning beach in Madhavpur. The other side of the beach, across the road, has verdant green grass and vegetation which makes the area look even more pleasant.

Madhavpur beach is not considered ideal for swimming due to high tides and is home to thousands of turtles. Quite close to the beach is the Madavraiji Haveli Temple, also known as the Old Madavrai temple or the Shree Madavrai Temple. There is another 12th-century Shaiva temple nearby as well.

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How to Reach the Madhavpur Beach

Located just about 2 km from the Madhavpur city centre, Madhavpur beach can be reached with a 20-minute walk. The Madhavpur railway station, situated around 3 km away is accessible with a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute drive. There is also a bus station close to the beach at about 2 km from the beach. 

Things to Do at Madhavpur Beach

Although Madhavpur beach is not great for swimming, there are a handful of things to do in and around the beach. There are also camel rides available on the beach for just about INR 50 to INR 100. Horse riding options are found here as well. 

The Old Madhavrai Temple nearby, is a famous place to visit, especially during the locally famous fair organised by the community of Mer. The shore houses small food stalls and shacks too. Madhavpur beach is a beautiful sunset-viewpoint as well! 

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