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Endau Rompin National Park, Johor Bahru Overview

Endau Rompin National Park is situated in the extreme South region of Tenasserim Hills in Malaysia and is globally known for having some of the oldest rainforests in the world. This enormous tropical rainforest falls under the states of Pahang and Johor. Taman Negeri Rompin (TNR) was categorized as a protected rainforest. The forest here dates back to 248 million years whilst being the second largest in Malaysia after Taman Negara National Park with an area of 870 sq-km.

The pristine water-laden jungles teem with animals, waterfalls and stunning views. The park's lowlands harbour some unique varieties of wildlife and birds. Tourists usually visit the park through private tours but one can also book packages, through the park itself. The park is closed vastly during the monsoon season from November to February. For safety reasons, it is best to hire guides to explore the park. Watch out for the Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel and Asian Elephants who travel in herds along the Jeram Panjang and other adventurous trails, fun activities and some very rare and endangered Malaysian species that you cannot spot anywhere else.

Must Know Before You Visit Endau Rompin National Park

Permit & Guides :

  • A permit of  RM10 is required for the trekking permit and insurance.
  • RM20 conservation fee need to be paid
  • Local guides have to be hired if you are going to trek to the waterfalls or stay overnight (RM100 per day)
  • A permit from the Pahang State Forestry department is required to enter the following areas and that can be applied from the Rompin District Forest Office: Padang Tujuh, Batu Dinding, Guntung Keriong, Kem Jerman, Air Terjun Hulu Kemelai, Ulu Kemapan, TNR Conservation Zone Area.

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Endau Rompin National Park Entrance

The rainforest has three main entry locations. Each of these entrances leads to the various places that you can visit when you are here:
  • The Kampung Peta is situated in Mersing District along the eastern boundary. (Johor East)
  • The Selai is situated in The Segamat District along the southwestern boundary.  ( Johor West )
  • The Taman Negeri Rompin entrance from Pahang.

Kampung Peta (East ) Entrance

  • Buaya Sangkut Waterfall that literally translates to the trapped crocodile is one of the finest waterfalls in the park. The crocodile shaped rock formation that seems to can’t travel up the embodies a beautiful 120 metres colossal waterfall happens to be one of the most popular tourist spots here. The trek up to the area is, however, a little steep and stressful as most of it is angled at 60 degrees. It is the biggest waterfall you can visit here.
  • Upeh Guling Waterfall is the most breathtaking sight you are going to come across, with its free-flowing waterfall amidst the rocky structures that it has created over hundreds of years with the pebbles it carried along the way. The sparkling sky and emerald pools make for a perfect nature bed of Arcadian relaxation.
  • Tasik Air Biru is a lake in the rainforest that is mesmerizing in every sense. You can enjoy a lovely dip in the deep beautiful crystal pools of blue water, as the name suggests. The clear water is enthralling to swim in on a warm sunny day.
  • Kuala Jasin: You can take a boat ride or jetty of about 40 minutes from Kampung Peta to Kuala Jasin. You have to trek around 12 km to Buaya Sangkt while camping overnight in Kuala Marong. Kuala Jasin is the Fan Palm Forest (a palm species that is endemic to Endau-Rompin).
  • Other activities include visiting Orang Asli Village, Fishing at Kampong Peta and Hill Climbing Janing Barat.

Selai Entrance

  • Takah Pandan is a captivating scenic waterfall and a water abseiling region with about 50 m of straight fall.
  • Takah Berangi: This waterfall cannot be accessed easily due to rough topographical terrain but is absolutely magical to witness. The mystic waterfall and surrounding is a sight to behold.
  • Takah Tinggi: This beautiful site easier to reach than the other waterfalls but takes a longer trek. The base of the waterfall is considered a fish sanctuary and so no fishing is allowed.
  • Other activities included are night safari and night trekking, Adventure team building, Water Abseiling, Jungle Survival Training, and Hill Climbing at Gunong Tiong

Rompin State Park , TNR

  • Jeram Panjang is a medium-paced river that drifts from the Sungai Kinchin, that you can visit during your stay here. The quality of the river water is beyond par and you can take a breather at the nearby gazebo.
  • Jeram Panjang Trekking is apt for travellers who like to have an easy trek. The 3.6 km trail stretches across the rainforest back and forth and is guided by a skilled trekker. On the way, you can spot various exquisite flora and fauna. Some of the species that you can spot include the authentic herbs that have been used traditionally since the medieval ages by the natives, the Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel and Asian Elephants who travel in herds along this gradient. The trail ends by a lovely rapid stream and you can trek back to the base camp.
  • Lubuk Siku is a 6.1 km long trek recommended for travellers who prefer walking the distance. This trek is guided by a skilled and trained nature guide and lets you embrace the ancient rainforest. You can spot the traces of the Malayan Tapir, an endangered species and their evidence along this trail that leads to a placid freshwater river that brims with fish and other sea organisms. 
  • TNR Seri MahKota Waterfall is another dainty waterfall. This picturesque stream with the hanging stone makes for the perfect candid afternoon to spend with your loved ones. The steps leading to the waterfall are over a decade old. You can experience water tubing during your trip here. This thrilling water adventure stretches from Lubuk Tapah to Lubuk Merekek. You can paddle the waters with a life jacket on and a helmet safely and expedite the waves and tackle the boulders as you go.

Wildlife at Endau Rompin

Endau Rompin is a protected rainforest and has rich wildlife geography. Some of the species that you can come across include the Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel and Asian Elephants who travel in herds along the Jeram Panjang trail. The endangered Malayan Tapir can also be traced here. Among several species of wildlife that can be found here are about 83 species of mammals, 8 species of lizards, 14 species of snakes and 3 turtles. Other mammals that you can see are the Asian Elephant, wild boar, Malaysian tiger, white-handed gibbon and slow loris.

This IBA bird site happens to be home to about 250 Malaysian birds and species. The forest is just as much of an educational retreat as a vocational for bird watchers and lovers. Bird watching can be done throughout the TNR region. A few of the species that you can end up spotting are the vulnerable Black-winged Kite  Asian Openbill and Lesser Adjacent among hundreds of other species including the Scarlett-rumped Trogon, Black-and-red Broadbill and Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher and rumped Woodpecker. You can also go for bird walks while to watch these exemplary species.


Endau Rompin has a diverse flora that you can witness when you are here. The protected rainforest has some very exotic and region-specific flora that you can not see anyplace else. While trekking through Kampung Peta, you can come across the giant fan palm, or Livistona endauensis that is specific to the rainforest.

What To Eat at Endau Romping National Park

  • Rompin State Park ( TNR): Meals are available at the cafeteria. Visitors cannot get their own food because of zero plastic policy to avoid littering.
  • Kampung Peta, Johor National Park: You can eat at the canteen where you can have simple Malaysian meals.
  • It is advisable to bring your own food items, utensils and an electric stove. You can also opt for a package tour, in which case, food is arranged by your guide.

Where to Stay?

You can lodge inside the park at your own convenience and make it hassle-free by pre-booking them. Prices are mentioned as per each night.
  • National Park  HQ ( headquarters ): Chalets are available for booking and can be rented for a cost of RM 80 for 2 people. Dorms are available for booking and can be rented for a cost of RM 20 for a single person.
  • You can also rent a tent for RM60, a night if you camp at Pantai Burung, Kuala Jasin, and Kuala Marong. Facilities include basic toilets, a shower and a cooking area.

How to Reach Endau Rompin National Park

  • The entrances of Kampung Peta and Selai can be reached from Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.
  • The entrance to Taman Negeri Rompin can be reached easily from Kuala Rompin by car in about 30 minutes and 1 hour from Mersing.
  • Kampung Selendang is the junction that you have to turn at. Vehicles are accessible up to the Kinchin Basecamp.
  • Johor Endau Rompin East entrance (Kampung Peta): take a 4WD (4 wheel drive ) when driving. Johor National Parks Corporation needs to be informed at least a week prior to your departure. This is the easiest way to reach Endau Rompin.
  • When travelling from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, avail the National Highway. Take your exit at Air Hitam and turn right to Kluang and drive 1 hour to Kahang on the road to Mersing. Kampung Peta is roughly 50km from here.
  • Via Train or bus from KL you have to get down at Kahang.
  • Johor Endau Rompin West entrance (Segamat) can be accessed by only 4WD vehicles. While availing the train, get down at the Bekok station.

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