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Babughat is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River and is extremely popular among tourists because of its historical past. The Ghat swarms every evening with local passengers and other visitors who are there to spend some leisure time. The bank of the River has a well-constructed pavement, perfect for long evening strolls. The setting of the Ghat with the holy Ganges flowing mildly and the Two Bridges, Rabindra Setu and Vidyasagar Setu with their reach across the river, is breathtaking.

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Structure of Babughat

The entrance of the Ghat has a Greek-architectural structure with Doric-order pavilion and huge decrepit pillars. The ancient Babughat withholds in itself the very essence of the city of joy, its bygone past as well as its present.

Places to visit nearby

Babughat is at a walking distance from Eden Gardens and B.B.D. Bagh. The nearby hotspots include the Esplanade Market, Millennium Park and Princep Ghat. You can explore more by taking a ferry to the other bank of the river. The Hooghly River flows between Kolkata and Howrah, two different cities of West Bengal which are often assumed as one. Rabindra Setu Bridge, also known as the Howrah Bridge, connects both the cities and is one of the few bridges that have a sidewalk which is always bustling with people, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Ferry Services in Babughat

Babughat also has ferry services available which local passengers often use to beat the traffic and enjoy the breeze and the current of the River. The tickets for the ferry rides are cheap, and ships leave for the other side of the bank at an interval of twenty minutes. The ships are spacious enough with proper seating arrangements and are usually not over-crowded. It does not take more than 15 minutes to reach the other bank. If you are lucky, you might get a ride on the double-decker ship, which has the same fare but is not serviceable every day. The ferry can also be hired for any celebration but is subject to availability. You need to contact the ticket counter at the Ghat if you wish to hire one.

Local Street Food at Babughat

The holy Ganges, the exquisite ferry rides and the food carts which sell some of the most popular street food of Kolkata makes Babughat an even more exciting place to be. In the evening, while taking a stroll on the sidewalk, you can enjoy some bhelpuri or jhalmuri from the vendors who sell the spicy flavours of Bengal in folded newspapers or you can grab a plate of puchkas with spiced potato stuffing dipped in mint and tamarind water mix.

History of Babughat

The memorial tablet above the main entrance of Babughat affirms that Rani Rashmoni constructed it in memory of her late husband, Babu Raj Chandra Das, the zamindar of Janbazar, which is a neighbourhood of Central Kolkata. Rani Rashmoni named the Ghat after the name of her husband as Babu Raj Chandra Ghat, which is now referred by the locals by its initials, as Babughat.
Being the second oldest Ghat of Kolkata, Babughat is about 190 years old and has lived through the Independence of India and the Bengali Renaissance. The inscription on the plaque, under the pediment of the entrance, narrates that Rani Rashmoni could only erect the foundation of the Ghat because Lord William Bentinck, a British statesman, encouraged expenditure on such public amenities.

Best time to Visit Babughat

The best time to visit Babughat is in October, during Durga Puja. During the days of Idol Immersion, the Ghat is decorated with fancy lights and looks most vibrant in the evening when the dhak plays and ladies dance to the tune of it during Sindur Khela. Although Babughat will make you feel soulful any day, on festivals like Chhath Puja and Durga Puja the Ghat feels lively than ever with reverent faces of devotees in large numbers. Being a Ghat, Babughat is also used for religious practices and rituals which are carried out by priests and astrologers who stay nearby.

How To Reach Babughat

Babughat is situated at a distance of 5.6 kilometres from the Howrah Railway Station which is very easily commutable because of the frequent public buses available in Kolkata. The transport facilities in Kolkata are beyond satisfactory. Almost every nook and corner of the city is connected by public transports. Many intrastate as well as interstate buses are accessible from Babughat Bus Terminus, which is only a two minutes walk away from the Ghat.

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