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Entry Fee : Varies with packages; Approximately INR 7500/person.

Entry Fee : Varies with packages; Approximately INR 7500/person.

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Dayara Bugyal, Gangotri Overview

Dayara Bugyal is just that - a widespread meadow situated at an altitude of 3950m (12956ft) above sea level. A meadow is not exactly a common concept in modern day India. Lush green lands with fresh air, cows grazing in the hillside, and a gentle breeze blowing through is a very European-esque scenario that in India and can only be found in the higher altitudes of the majestic Himalayas. Shepherds and nomads from around the region first discovered this magnificent grazing ground and often went about telling stories of its beauty to the common people. 'Bugyal' literally means a high altitude meadow in the local language of the area. Nature and adventure enthusiasts soon caught wind of this seemingly stunning piece of land and set out to explore. Today, Dayara Bugyal is not only the most beautiful meadow in all of India, but it is also a popular trekking destination for travellers from all over the world.

Nestled between the peaks of Bandarpunch (6316m) and White Peak (6102m), the trek follows a 7 km trail from the base camp in Barsu, passing through the village of Raithal, and ending up atop the Dayara Bugyal. It is continuously surrounded by dense oak forests and snow-capped Himalayan peaks such as Bhagirathi, John Lee, Srikanth and Draupadi ka Danda.

In winters (December- February), the meadow gets covered with snow, transforming into a 28 square kilometre skiing spot with its undulating slopes. While the Dayara Bugyal is a happening place to be at any time of the year, it is most famous as a tranquil trekking ground for tourists who wish to get away into the Himalayas for a long holiday or weekend, minus the exhaustion of a demanding hike.

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Dayara Bugyal Trek

Almost everyone starts this exhilarating trek after lunch from the local village of Barsu, which acts as the base camp. Barnala Tal is a clear water lake about 4 km from Barsu, and a common campsite awaits trekkers nearby. Camping out under the stars in the wilderness of the Bugyal is a fulfilling experience. The lofty peaks of the Himalayas reflected in the pure waters of Barnala Tal are picturesque. One gets to experience the plains, mountains and thick alpine forests dotted with wildflowers throughout the year.

Usually, hikers cover 4-5 km of ground each day, mounting up to 8 km on the final stretch. The highlight of this trek is said to be Bakaria Top, where one gets to take in the awe-inspiring magnificence of the vast expanse. It is a sharp and somewhat difficult ascent to get up here, but the effort is worth it in manifolds. It would be wise to carry some snacks and water if you wish to stay back and enjoy the sunset.

Things To Do at Dayara Bugyal

While Dayara Bugyal is primarily known as a trekking destination, there are a variety of activities one can do at this beautiful meadow. Camping at this scenic location would be akin to getting a taste of heaven on earth. If you happen to go during the Butter Festival, this experience will get even better as one can interact with the local culture of mountainous people, and engage with their lives. A look around the nearby town of Barsu could get you acquainted with the everyday traditions, customs, little habits that drive life in this area. Most importantly, a place like Dayara Bugyal would be a paradise for those interested in landscape photography. Nature photographers go wild trying to capture the splendour of this Bugyal through their lens.

Who Should Visit Dayara Bugyal?

Widely regarded as one of the best hikes in the Himalayan range of Uttarakhand, the Dayara meadow is a go-to place for newbie trekkers. The breathtaking beauty of Himalayas will refresh your mind and make way for some soulful introspection, away from the bustle of crowded cities. If a quiet retreat in the midst of mountains sounds like your idea of a holiday, Dayara Bugyal is the perfect getaway for you.

Best Time To Visit Dayara Bugyal

You can visit the Dayara Bugyal Trek any time of the year. Best seasons include May to July, August end to mid-October and December to February. During Winters, this destination is covered in thick blankets of snow ideal for skiers.

Tips For Visiting Dayara Bugyal

1. Carry your identification proof.
2. Pack light and carry only the essentials. Wear waterproof jackets and gloves.
3. Wear proper trekking boots to keep warm and track pants instead of jeans.
4. Do not use disposable plastic water bottles, plastic-wrapped items.
5. Consumption of liquor and smoking is banned.

How to reach Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal is well connected by motorable roads. Vehicles can go up to Barsu village from where the trek actually begins. Since it is a popular destination, the village is well-connected to most major cities (especially northern India) and can be reached via a combination of air, bus or vehicle travel.

  • Rail: Board the overnight Nanda Devi AC Express leaving New Delhi at 11:50 pm reaching Haridwar by 4:00am. From Haridwar one can take a jeep or bus for Barsu via Uttarkashi.

  • Road: Delhi to Barsu is 422 km by road and takes about 6 hours to reach.

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About Dayara Bugyal

Approx trekking distance (Both sides) : 24 Km

Base Camp : Barsu

Difficulty : Moderate

Highest point of trek : 12,500 ft

Nearest Airport : Pantnagar Airport

Nearest Railhead : 270 km

Region : Uttarkashi District

Snow : Summer and Autumn are the best time for the trek.

Starting point of trek : Barsu


Day 1 : Barsu to Bharnala Tal

Distance: 4 Km , Duration: 4 Hrs

Have breakfast and head towards Bharnala Tal, 4 km away from Barsu, through dense pristine forests of Oak and Rhododendron. This is from where the famed meadows of Dayara start. The undulating expanse of the meadows stretching as far as the eye can see and the reflection of the high mountain peaks in the lake is a visual treat. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 2 : Bharnala Tal to Dayara Bugyal

Distance: 5 Km , Duration: 5 Hrs

A well laid-out trail through the pine forest will lead you to the high alpine meadows of Dayara. As one climbs on top of a mound, this vast meadow (mostly covered in snow) gradually unfolds itself; the view compels most trekkers to regard nature's wonders with nothing but awe and amazement. The Bandarpoonch and Black Peak can be clearly seen from here. The meadow is like a table top as you set foot on the meadow the sight of the mighty Himalayas surrounds you. Srikanth, Rudregaira, Gangotri I, II & III , Jaonli, Draupadi ka Danda I & II, Black peak, Bandarpunch and many other unnamed peaks are visible from Dayara Bugyal meadow.

Day 3 : Dayaria Bugyal to Bakaria Top

Distance: 3 Km , Duration: 3 Hrs

Bakaria Top is the highest point of Dayara Bugyal, itÕs a steep ascent to Bakaria top. Dayara Bugyal is divided into many small bugyals and Bakaria top is one of them. Start the trek along the meadows and gain altitude gradually. The views from the top take your breath away. Snow capped mountains, valley deep below, towns as far as Uttarkashi can be seen from the top. It offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire greater Himalayas. Descend back to Dayara to camp for the night.

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Q. barsu to barnala how difficult it is for non-trekkers?

Rudratandav N

3 years ago
Barsu to Barnala is an easy trek. The whole trek of Dayara Bugyal is of easy level.