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Kalinjar Fort, Chitrakoot Overview

Kalinjar is an ancient fort situated in the Banda District of Uttar Pradesh. Being one of the eight famous forts that were built by the Chandela kings, it is located on the Vindhya mountain range near the World Heritage Site of Khajuraho. The mighty fortress goes up to a height of 1203 ft and overlooks the Bundelkhand plains. Kalinjar got its name from the word Kalanjar which represents Lord Shiva who rested at this spot and destroyed the time barrier. It is believed that Lord Shiva is always present here.

One can also spot stone images of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Shakti, Bhairava, Lord Ganesh and Bhairavi at the fort along with stone-carvings of birds, mithuna, apsaras and animals. Some places of interest present here include the Sita Sej which is a small cave with a stone bed and pillow which was used by the hermits once, the Gajantak Shiva image also famous as Manduk Bhairon carved on the surface of the rock and the Koti Tirth which is a vast water reservoir. The Neelkanth Temple which was constructed by Parmardideva is the holiest shrine of Kalinjar. The way to the shrine has inscriptions with amazing carved images of Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman and Kala Bhairon.

The Kalinjar Fort is a must-visit place for all those who like to spend their time discovering the hidden secrets along amidst the architectural ruins of the oldest monument in the history of the country. One is likely to find the experience exhilarating and amazing.

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History of Kalinjar Fort

The Khalinjar Fort was under the control of the Chandellas starting from the 9th century till the 15th century. It was also very important till the time of the Mughals which is why the fort was under the attack of Mohammad Ghaznavi in 1019 and 1022 and that of Qutb-ud-din-Aibak who defeated Parmadideva who was the last Chandela in 1203. Though the fort was attacked by Humayun, it was Akbar who finally took over in 1569. Birbal who was one of Akbar's nine jewels was gifted this fort by him. After Akbar, Kalinjar passed on to Chhatrasal who was a Bundela leader, then to Hardev Shah of Panna and finally to the British in 1812.

Architecture Of Kalinjar Fort

The Kalinjar Fort is situated on the top of a flat-topped hill in the Vindhya Range at the height of 244 meters above the ground. The fort points towards the east-west direction and is a mile in length and half a mile in breadth. Massive sandstone along with granite pieces have been used in the construction using lime mortar as the material for the cement.

Panna Dwar, Kamta Dwar, and Rewa Dwar are three of the four gateways which covered the town of Kalinjar. The entrance of the magnificent fort is present on the foot of the hill and on the right of the path lies the Rathore Mahal which was built in 1583 by Akbar. The steep, as well as stony road leading to the fortress, has seven gates namely Lal Darwaza, Hanuman Darwaza, Budha Bhadra Darwaza, Chauburji Darwaza, Alamgir Darwaz, Ganesh Darwaza and Bara Darwaza.

Best Time To Visit Kalinjar Fort

The ideal time to visit the Kalinjar Fort is from December to February since the weather is neither too cold not too warm during this time thereby making the climate pleasant and enjoyable.

Tips For Visiting Kalinjar Fort

1. Avoid wearing any perfume or deodorant while visiting Kalinjar Fort to avoid any trouble by2 the local bees.
2. Do try the Peda sold by the shops near the entrance to the fort.

How To Reach Kalinjar Fort

Located between Chitrakoot and Khajuraho, Kalinjar Fort can be reached from both the cities by hiring a taxi. Alternatively, you can also get on the buses on the Chitrakoot-Khajuraho route and ask to be dropped near/at the fort.

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