Beaches and Bays, British Virgin Islands Overview

The British Virgin Islands is known for some of its finest beaches and bays in the world offering clear blue water and captivating natureÕs beauty.

From isolated beaches and bays to the fine sandy and crowded beaches, the British Virgin Islands are packed with plethora of them. The north and northwest coast of Tortola Island offers some of the finest including Brewers Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Apple Bay, Long Bay, and Smugglers Cove that are full of natural beauty. Cane garden Bay protected by the reef is perhaps the most beautiful of all leaving every visitor awe-inspired. Some of the most popular beached on Virgin Gorda Island includes DevilÕs Bay, Spring Bay and Trunk Bay, most of them being flocked by visitors all the time. If you are looking for some solitude, then visit the Savannah Bay known for its picturesque beauty, tranquillity and beautiful sunset. Cow Wreck Bay is yet another secluded beach offering rustling palms, conch shells, colourful wooden beach chairs and peace.

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