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Nal Damyanti, Bhimtal Overview

Nal Damyanti is a small natural lake which is situated at a distance of 2 km from Bhimtal. It contains shallow waters and is a perfect spot for enjoying the natural beauty around. You can also go on a nature walk and admire the fascinating surroundings of the place. Though the trek route for reaching the place is tattered, the amazing scenery around will make up for it. There are several old houses showcasing traditional Kumaoni architecture present here. As you move ahead on the trek, you will also come to a cluster of seven lakes known as Sat Tal.

Nal Damyanti Lake is a holy place which has a deep admiration of the locals. The lake has been named after the famous mythological characters namely King Nala and his wife, Damayanti. With the region offering fine cuisines and opportunities for exploring the tourist attractions across the city, the lake provides an experience which is both authentic and unique in itself. A visit to the Nal Damyanti Tal is likely to give you a deeper insight into the cultures and traditions of the Bhimtal city. The stunning view of the place is worth admiring and worth paying a visit to.

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Nal Damyanti Tal Story

The secret of Nal Damyanti is not known to many people. The legend has it that the King Nala and Queen Damyanti, his beautiful wife, lived happily in their palace. The queen was gorgeous, but she chose King Nala over the Gods. Many people opposed their marriage and told them that they had angered the Gods who were furious with the queen for marrying a human and were jealous of their togetherness.

After a while, the queen started having weird dreams of a spirit asking her if it could come inside. One night the queen replied yes to the spirit and the evil spirit entered her body. After that, their beautiful palace collapsed like a pack of cards and from then on the place came to be known as Nal Damyanti.

Best Time To Visit Nal Damyanti

The ideal time to pay a visit to Nal Damyanti is between March and May since the weather is quite pleasant at this time making the sightseeing worth enjoying.

How To Reach Nal Damyanti

Nal Damyanti is located just 2 km away from the Bhimtal Lake in Bhimtal, making it easily accessible. You can reach the lake on foot, exploring the fascinating surroundings. If travelling from Nainital, you can hire a taxi for the day and explore the enchanting sites in Bhimtal.

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