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Palitana, Bhavnagar Overview

A small town located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Palitana is noted as a popular pilgrimage site among the Jains. Another famous thing about Palitana is that the town strictly follows vegetarianism which makes it the first city in the world to abide by the vegetarian diet legally. It is no surprise that the town has listed selling of animal products (Fish, meat and eggs) or activities that involve the killing of animals to be illegal.

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Ticket Fee for Visiting Temples in Palitana

Visitors can enter the temples without paying any entrance fees. However, there is also a facility of Palki for older people who can’t climb the 3950 steps stretched across a distance of approximately 4 km. This facility has specific charges attached to it. Commonly referred to as Doli, (a carriage or sling-chair), if you are willing to go in a Doli without chairs, it costs around INR 2500 for two people, and if you are looking for a Doli with Chairs, the cost comes around INR 5000 for four people. During the peak season, the rates might often go up, however, in the offseason, it might be slashed to half of the mentioned cost.

Best Time to Visit Palitana

If you are planning a visit to Palitana, the one thing you do not need to worry about is the climate that remains pleasant throughout the year. On a few summer days which starts from March and continues till June, the temperature might shoot up to 40 Degree Celsius. The average temperature in summers is usually around 24 Degree Celsius. The Monsoon months start from July and Palitana continues to receive its share of rain showers till September. This is followed by the onset of winter in October which lasts till February with the temperature that ranges between 10 to 24 Degree Celsius.

How to Reach Palitana

Palitana is extensively connected to all the major cities of Gujarat. From Bhavnagar, the town is situated at a distance of 51 km and hence, can be conveniently reached through various means of transportation such as airways, railways, and roadways.


The frequency of buses running from Bhavnagar to Palitana makes travelling easy for those who are looking at transport medium at affordable rates. These buses are available every hour. Another route that one can choose to go by road is to board a bus from Diu, Ahmedabad, Talaja and Una. The roads are well-maintained, and hence, from Diu or Una, the journey to Palitana takes approximately 6 hours. The bus stand in Palitana is located at merely 800 meters away from the town's railway station. One can also hire a private taxi from any of the cities such as Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Vadodara.

Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple

The trains that start from Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad run till Sihor from where one can proceed to Palitana via roadways. However, the railway station at Palitana is connected to Bhavnagar and Songadh via train.

Airways- If you wish to reach Palitana by airways then the nearest airport is in Bhavnagar. The other option is to fly till Ahmedabad, 215 km away from Palitana, after which you can travel the remaining distance by road. Ahmedabad International airport is connected to all the important cities such as Surat and Mumbai which gives tourists from faraway places to reach Palitana comfortably. However, considering the growing tourism in the region, the Gujarat government has undertaken the project of constructing an airport in Palitana. The project is still in its early stages.

Palitana, a part of the Saurashtra region is known for its spectacular beauty which envelopes the place and makes it an exciting tourist destination. The pilgrimage sites, beaches, wildlife and the scenic beauty in Palitana offers something for everyone whether the visitors are interested in completing the pilgrimage known for its sanctity or the tourist who are visiting to unwind in a serene atmosphere. So, everything is set for you to start planning your trip to the holy site of Palitana. The journey to the top of the hill requires the visitors to abide by some strict rules such as food can't be consumed on the way or carried by the visitors. Hence, tourists should prepare accordingly to have a smooth and memorable trip to Palitana.

Attractions in and around Palitana

Palitana is the world-renowned place that houses over 900 temples. Shatrunjaya Hill which translates to the victory ground receives Jain pilgrims in large numbers because this is considered to be the most pious for them. This Hill alone has more than 3000 temples. 
The Jain temples in Palitana worship Jain Tirthankars, and the topmost temple is dedicated to the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha, also known as Rishabhadeva. The temples on the Shatrunjaya Hills have been constructed by generation after generation for close to 900 years. The first temple is believed to have been built in the 11th century. Starting from the foot of the hill till the peak, the way to the temples have been carved out of more than 3800 stone steps.


The temples flaunt exquisite craftsmanship with the intricate marble carving and the creative motifs. All the temples have been clubbed under nine different temple complexes or tunks; each of these houses several smaller temples which have been built around the central temple. The Chaumukh Temple is among the most important of all the temples here, characterised with the holy deity of Adinath who has four-faces, carved on marble and placed in a temple which is open on all sides. The architecture of the Chaumukh temple, built at the beginning of the 17th century, is unique and inspired by the five sacred hills worshipped by the followers of Jainism.

Palitana temple

Adishwar temple, another must-visit site is an architectural marvel with its beautifully carved pillars and roofs. You can see the talent of the artisans in their brilliant dragon-shaped carving inside. There is also a Muslim shrine nearby, Angar Pir, which is visited by couples who are facing difficulties in having a child. The followers seek blessings at the shrine in a hope to fulfil their dream of having their children. 

Museum & History Sites 
The city of Bhavnagar is known to have a rich history of its rulers and thus, attracts tourists every year. The city also has the nearest airport to Palitana, and hence, is a popular choice among tourists. If you are a history buff, then you should know that 143 km away on the road to Ahmedabad, you can stop by to see a historical site named Lothal from the Indus Valley Civilization. A museum nearby the site showcases all the important discoveries from the excavation project.


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