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Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : Adults: INR 10,
Kids (below 5 years): Free

Timings : 24 hours

Bekal Beach, Bekal Overview

Bekal Fort Beach is a splendid seashore in the district of Kasaragod in God's Own Country, Kerala, India. The beach expands over an area of 36 acres and is well known for being the location of Bekal Fort and for being maintained well. The dense palm trees, the splendid sea, the golden sand and the grand walls of the fort together form the picturesque location. Tourists from all over the world visit the beach for its beauty and serenity. One may take a nice long relaxing stroll across the beach or just enjoy the sunset in the sand. Bekal beach is a perfect destination for a day-long picnic. Tourists can enter the Bekal Fort and explore the interiors of the fort. The view of the beach from the top of the fort is a breathtaking view. Other than the fort, tourists can also explore the rock garden which is situated only a kilometre away from the beach.

Bekal beach is not a virgin beach but it not always crowded like several other commercial beaches in India. The garden is the best place to spend time with friends and family. One may enjoy camel rides, horse rides, local snacks etc. on the beach. There is also a children's play area where they can spend time. The beautiful beach and the attractions nearby are managed under the Social Forestry Scheme. More trees have been planted by the beach under the same scheme to enhance the beauty of the location. The coastline is lined by a walkway which allows visitors to explore the coast and get the best panoramic view of the site. The beach is also illuminated after sunset to allow visitors to continue spending time after dark.

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Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort expands over 35 acres on top of a cliff on the beach. The fort is a 17th-century monument that stands 130 feet above sea level and is of immense historical and architectural importance in India. It is currently being managed by the Archaeological Survey of India and is open to tourists to explore as a historical monument. Tourists can explore the several chambers, armoury, tunnels, observation towers, and cannon holes of the fort. The view of the beautiful beach from the observation tower is a favourite amongst many who frequent the site for picnics.

Rock Garden at Bekal Beach

The Rock Garden is an interesting garden to visit when on Bekal Beach. The garden consists of murals, sculptures and laterite boulders of various shapes and sizes arranged artistically to complement the theme of the beautiful garden. It also has a play area for children with rides, slides, swings, jungle gym, seesaw etc. You kids will have fun here for sure and maybe even make new friends.

Best Time To Visit Bekal Beach

The best months to visit Bekal Beach are between September and February as the weather stays pleasant through the day. The best time to explore the beach is either in the morning or the evening time to avoid the hot afternoon sun. The beach is illuminated at its best after sunset and tourists can make the most of it in the evening.

Tips For Visiting Bekal Beach

1. Parking space is available for tourists to park their vehicles.
2. There are restrooms available for the tourists.
3. Entering the sea waters is not a great idea as the water runs deep.
4. Seating arrangements have been made on the beach.

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