Jagannath Temple

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Jagannath Bari

Jagannath Temple, Agartala Overview

The Jagannath temple is a famous religious site located in Agartala in Tripura. Built by the Maharaja of Tripura of the Manikya Dynasty in the 19th century, the Jagannath temple is situated in the Ujjayanta Palace grounds and is dedicated to the Hindu Gods- Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. While the Islamic style of architecture is predominant in the exterior of this temple, but the interiors are decorated with Hindu splendour.

It is widely believed that the Neelmadhav idol that is consecrated at Puri was donated from the Jagganath Bari Mandir of Tripura. The Nitya Puja, Bhoga offerings and distribution, along with the evening Aarti, are the main rituals that are followed here. The Aartis are especially a must-attend event to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the temple and to be lost in the devotion of the Almighty.

The Ratha Yatra, the annual festival of the temple, is an important festival that is celebrated with great zeal and fervour and is attended by hundreds of devotees each year. Summing it all up, the Jagganath Temple is not a place that you should miss visiting, to experience tranquillity and peace in its best and most pristine form.

The beauty of Jagannath Temple lies in the fact that the temple is as much a place of architectural beauty and prestige as it is of religious importance. This grand building to date continues to make Tripura proud because of its architectural magnanimity and is heavily influenced by the Islamic style of edifices. The base of the Jagannath temple is an octagon in shape with brightly coloured orange walls. Pyramidal conic structures adorn the pillars of the temple.

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History and Architecture of Jagannath Temple Agartala

This magnificent temple in Agartala was constructed during the 19th century by the then Maharaj of Tripura, Maharaj Radha Kishore Manikya, of the Manikya dynasty. In fact, Agartala was chosen over Udaipur as the capital by the Manikyas, and the building of this temple was a part of an endeavour to beautify the place. Even though the Jagannath Temple is inclined towards Islamic architecture, it is also a delightful amalgamation of the Hemadpanthi and Arabic style of architecture on the exterior, with a hint of Hindu flair on the inside of the temple. This regal temple is orange in colour with an octagonal base, and square and pyramidal cones crown the pillars of the temple. The impression of the 'pradhkshin patha' that is around the sanctum deserves a special mention since it further adds to the beauty of this temple, which is rightly considered to be the national heritage of the capital of Tripura.

Jagannath Temple Rath Yatra

The annual Rath Yatra festival, which is also known as Maha Ratha Yatra, is observed at Melagarh in June every year. This Rath Yatra is the celebration of Lord Jagganath, who is considered to be the Lord of Universe's journey towards his aunt's house. Just before the Rath Yatra, a ritual known as 'Pahandi' is observed. This routine involves carrying of the deities onto their chariots. This festival lasts for nine days and ends with taking back of the deities to the Jagannath Temple. This annual festival is of extreme importance and is celebrated with great vigour each year.

Best Time To Visit Jagannath Temple

The best time to plan a trip to this religious place is in June when the famous Rath Yatra is being celebrated there.

How To Reach Jagannath Temple

The Jagganath Temple is located in Krishna Nagar, Agartala. The best way to reach the temple is by hiring an auto rickshaw.

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