Surfing in Zanzibar: Your Ultimate Guide to Riding the Waves

Zanzibar, a gorgeous island in the Indian Ocean, is a dream for water lovers. With its tropical climate and warm waters, it's a hotspot for surfers. Some of the best surfing conditions in the world are in Zanzibar, especially along the uncrowded and untouched coast. The island offers some of the world's finest right-hander waves along its southeast coast. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Zanzibar's uncrowded surf spots make it an ideal destination to ride the waves and enjoy the serene beauty of the island.

9 Best Spots for Surfing in Zanzibar

1. Nungwi

Nungwi in Zanzibar is famous for its consistent right-hander waves, especially from December to March when anti-cyclones bring good ground swells. This creates ideal conditions for surfing, with occasional offshore days for small barrels and fast waves. The beach's lively vibe and social scene attract surfers looking for an energetic experience.

2. Paje

Paje beach
Paje in Zanzibar is a versatile surf spot suitable for various skill levels. With long stretches of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, it offers consistent and super fun waves, making it enjoyable for surfers. The best time to experience Paje is from June to October, characterized by consistent swells. It attracts a mix of surfers, from beginners to advanced, creating a vibrant surfing community against a picturesque backdrop.

3. Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa in Zanzibar is a quiet surfing spot with peaceful, uncrowded beaches. It's on the northeast coast and has consistent waves suitable for different skill levels. The beach break offers left and right-hand waves, making it versatile. You can surf here in both seasons, enjoying a calm environment with fewer crowds. Kiwengwa is perfect for those who want a relaxed and pleasant surfing experience throughout the year.

4. Jambiani Beach

Jambiani Beach is a great spot for surfing with consistent waves suitable for different skill levels. Best visited from December to March, it offers optimal conditions for surfing with a mix of challenging and enjoyable waves. The beautiful surroundings make it a popular choice for surfers seeking both adventure and scenic views.

5. Dongwe

Dongwe's surfing spot has waves suitable for both regular and goofy-footed surfers, thanks to its left and right-hand waves over a reef bottom. The best surfing conditions are from June to October, with consistent swells for an enjoyable experience. Dongwe's secluded location means fewer crowds, providing a peaceful surfing environment accessible by boat or a long paddle from the shore, adding an adventurous touch.

6. Pwani Mchangani

Pwani Mchangani
Pwani Mchangani, on Zanzibar's northeast coast, offers a diverse surfing experience with coral reef breaks catering to various skill levels. With both left and right-hand waves, it's a versatile spot. The best surfing conditions are from June to October, providing consistent swells for playful waves. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced surfer, Pwani Mchangani's accessibility and wave variety make it a popular choice along Zanzibar's coastline.

7. Nakupenda

Nakupenda in Zanzibar is a sought-after surfing spot, especially during the December to March season when anti-cyclones bring quality ground swells. The wave conditions cater to a range of skill levels, offering both challenging and enjoyable waves. With its diverse and reliable conditions, Nakupenda stands as a go-to destination for surfers seeking a variety of wave experiences.

8. South Reefs

South Reefs in Zanzibar offers surfers a challenging experience with powerful and consistent waves, making it an ideal spot for advanced riders. The prime surfing season is from June to October, characterized by consistent swells, providing optimal conditions for thrilling rides. Surfers can expect a dynamic and demanding surfing environment at South Reefs.

9. Tamarins

Tamarins is a surf destination featuring diverse reef breaks catering to surfers with intermediate to advanced skills. The waves, though occasionally inconsistent, present an opportunity for surfers seeking a variety of challenges. Optimal surfing conditions prevail from June to October, ensuring consistent swells for a rewarding and varied surfing experience.

Best Time to Surf in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, there are two main surfing seasons.
  • From December to March, anti-cyclones in the Indian Ocean create proper ground swells, giving rise to various surf spots with small barrels and fun waves.
  • The June to October season is a favourite, offering consistent swells and super enjoyable waves, especially at popular intermediate/advanced spots. Although these spots aren't surfed every day, the excellent wave quality on good days makes it worth the wait.

12 Tips for Surfing in Zanzibar

  1. Pick the Right Time: Choose your surfing lessons and trips wisely, aiming for the 1.5 to 3-hour window of good surf each day in Zanzibar.
  2. Watch the Tides: Keep an eye on the island's tidal changes; they play a big role in shaping surf conditions.
  3. Best for Beginners: If you're new to surfing, go for lessons during the mid-tide push. It's when beginner spots shine.
  4. For Advanced Surfers: Advanced surfers should target the last hour of the dropping tide and low tide for prime conditions.
  5. Consider the Moon: The moon's phase matters; it influences tides and currents, impacting the surf. Be mindful of it.
  6. Adapt to Changes: Surf spots react to tidal shifts. Stay flexible and adjust your plans to make the most of your surfing adventure.
  7. Pick the Right Spot: Choose surf spots that match your skill level. Nungwi and Paje are versatile and suit surfers of various expertise.
  8. Check Your Gear: Ensure your surf equipment is in good shape. Reef booties are recommended for areas with coral reefs.
  9. Consider Surf Schools: If you're a beginner, think about joining a surf school. Experienced instructors can guide you through local conditions.
  10. Watch the Tides: Pay attention to tide timings as they affect wave conditions. Some spots work better at low tide, while others are ideal during high tide.
  11. Follow Local Rules: Respect local surfing guidelines and fellow surfers. Zanzibar's surf community is friendly, and mutual respect ensures a positive experience.
  12. Prioritize Safety: Wear a leash and understand local currents for safety. Consult experienced surfers or instructors if uncertain.
Zanzibar is a fantastic destination for surf lovers, boasting stunning beaches and diverse surf spots. With optimal conditions during specific seasons and spots for all skill levels, Zanzibar invites surfers to explore its beautiful coastline. Whether you're a beginner catching mid-tide waves or an advanced surfer navigating dropping tides, Zanzibar promises an unforgettable surfing adventure in the Indian Ocean.

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