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Kuşadası is a zestful resort town in Turkey and a renowned tourist destination for fun holidays, seafood, and affordable shopping. The lively and pleasant atmosphere and splendid shopping options entice travellers to visit this shopping hotspot. Notably, it is home to one of the biggest bazaars in Turkey and flaunts many enchanting speciality shops. You will get all types of shops here, from high-end designer boutiques & modern shops offering clothes, jewellery, and other fashion accessories to shops that are offering authentic products like exquisite Turkish carpets hand-woven from wool or silk, plates, vases, masks, hookah, and wares made of meerschaum.

Here are some hand-picked destinations for you to shop in Kusadasi.

1. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazar in Kusadasi
The Grand Bazaar in Kusadasi embraces over 4,000 shops and is the second-largest bazaar in Turkey after the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It is a sprawling maze of streets having a huge collection of small & large stores. Here, visitors can buy varied goods, including rugs, carpets, antiques, gold & silver, jewellery, clothes, shoes, leather goods, carpets, watches, spices, and more. You will surely find lovely gifts or souvenirs here. The Grand bazaar is open all around the week. The items offered here are of decent quality and have reasonable prices. While strolling through the market, you will spot shops with signs of genuine fake watches. Many of the sellers are friendly, and most of them can speak multiple languages.
Location: Dağ Mahallesi, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM

2. Kusadasi Open-Air Markets

Kusadasi Open-Air Markets
The heart of Kusadasi beats in its open-air markets. There are three open-air markets in this town that are set up on large streets, namely Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday markets that operate on the respective days of the week as per their name. Here you will get fresh produce that villagers bring from their farms to sell out. Even if you do not want to buy them, you get a chance to observe the vegetables of the current season, socialize with locals, and get the local feel of Turkish markets. Notably, all three markets are set up at different locations in the town. Tuesday and Friday are the days of the food market, where you can stock fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. These markets are very popular among Kusadasi residents for grocery shopping. Dissimilar to these two, the Wednesday market is mostly textile based. It is preferred for buying textiles and clothes. This market offers a range of fabrics, garments, and cheap designer wares. Imitations of renowned brands & accessories are also sold here. You can buy some amazing fake designer items, including t-shirts and bags. There is easy access to each flea market as all three places are accessible by public minibuses.
Location: Wednesday and Friday markets are located on the same street, opposite the main dolmus (minibus) stop in the central area; Tuesday Market is snuggled on the alley up the cemetery.
Open: Early in the morning till evening

3. Kusadasi Shopping Center

Kusadasi Shopping Centre
People who prefer modern shopping malls over traditional bazaars should visit Kusadasi Shopping Center (Kuşadası AVM). It has a decent selection of stores for its visitors along with entertainment facilities. This shopping mall is on the D15 Highway, in the direction of Kuşadası-Söke. It is 7.3 km from the city centre and takes an 11 minutes drive. The shopping centre has many stores of both domestic and international brands. The visitors can buy elegant outfits from local manufacturers as well as big clothing brand outlets. Kuşadası AVM incorporates many international and local brands, such as Pierre Cardin, Cotton, De Victo, LC Waikiki, Mango, Polo, Madame Coco, & more. Besides, there are entertainment facilities available, including bowling. 
Location: Yavansu Mah. Karaova Sok. No: 8/7 G-1, Kusadasi 09400
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

4. Scala Nuova Shopping Centre

Scala Nuova Shopping Centre
Scala Nuova Shopping Centre observes many visitors in Kusadasi and offers window shopping. The Nuova Shopping Village is nestled at the Kusadasi Ege Port, opposite the tourist information office. This is an elite shopping destination that offers classy & original products and no fake items. You will get an exclusive variety of Turkish carpets & rugs, colourful fashion accessories, gemstones, & more. Scala Nuova shopping center incorporates impressive shopping, food, & beverage options. Many visitors in Kusadasi do not know that the Scala Nuova shopping center within the port can be accessed by everyone, not just cruise ship visitors.
Location: Camikebir, Liman Cd., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 8:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Specialty: Modern shopping & entertainment

5. Kusadasi Leather 

Kusadasi Leather
Kusadasi Leather is an independent retail store operating at a lovely sea-facing location in Kusadasi. It offers new collections of attractive Leather jackets and coats. Kusadasi Leather was established in 1993, and today, it offers leading-edge designs accompanied by impressive wearability. It became an exporter of retail products to all corners of the world, including various kinds of leather like silk leather, sheepskin, nubuck, washable leather, etc. You will find a range of unique designer leather jackets for men & women made from A1-grade leather. All the traditionally handcrafted jackets flaunt their own defining finish & style. If you are a passionate leather shopper, you will find great value in their leather jackets as they put care and exclusivity in each one. 
Location: Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa Boulevard, Cephane Street, No: 2, Kusadasi 09400
Open: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Specialty: Genuine leather jackets

6. Kaktus Leather Outlet

Kaktus Leather Outlet
Visitors who are on a budget will appreciate the collection of Kaktus Leather Outlet. It was initiated in Kusadasi in 1998 as a little shop offering high-standard leather bags and accessories. Since then, it has been in the market and is a notable dealer of leather bags in the town today. This outlet closely sticks to the market trend and is an attractive shopping destination for ladies. They have beautiful handbags and women's shoes. You can buy everything here, from mini evening clutches to genuine designer bags, from best-quality winter boots to light summer sandals. Also, this store exhibits an extensive range of genuine leather products, including belts, wallets, and other accessories for men. Besides, you can buy superior travel bags and suitcases, which always stay in demand by active travellers. Kaktus Leather offers top-notch genuine leather goods with unique and diverse designs to cater to all demands of its customers.
Location: Kahramanlar Cad. No 7
09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 8:30 AM to 1:00 AM
Specialty: Genuine leather accessories

7. Kafkas Spice Bazaar & Home Wine/ Spice Market

Kaftas Spice Bazaar
Kafkas Spice Bazaar & Home Wine Spice Market is a spice store in Kusadasi. It is located near the entrance to the Kusadasi cruise boat terminal. As you enter from the street, their cordial staff will greet you. This shop has two walls featuring shelves all over that are fully occupied with wine bottles. This store offers spices, fresh nuts, Turkish coffee, baklava, Turkish delights, olive oil & its products. They let you sample some of the Turkish delights from their incredible selection. Their baklava is studded with slivers of nuts from the outside and has a moist and chewy texture from the inside, nicely coated with sugar syrup. Besides, you will love their authentic spices & nuts.
Location: Camikebir, M.Esat Bozkurt Cd., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 8:30 AM - 11:00 PM

8. Moda Antilop

Moda Antilop
Moda Antilop is a leather goods store in Kuşadası. The visitors who want to buy new outerwear or winter wear during their trip to this town. This store has an extensive range of products, including clothing for both men and women. Here, you can purchase beautiful textiles, affordable Turkish leather jackets, sheepskin coats, and gorgeous fur coats for women that are most in-demand in women's fashion. Notably, this store procures the products mainly from local manufacturers. Therefore, it offers competitive prices. With a friendly sales staff, this is one of the best shopping centers to buy various kinds of clothing made with real leather.
Location: Hacıfeyzullah, Paşa Sk, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

9. Ramsey Tribal Looms

Ramsey Tribal Looms
One of the most renowned stores in Kusadasi in the category of traditional Turkish carpets is Ramsey Tribal Looms. You must visit this store having its speciality in colourful Turkish carpets & rugs. The owners of this store are expert professionals in the craftsmanship of traditional carpets and make high-quality carpets by utilizing specialized equipment, as per the notable Turkish traditions. Their exclusive carpets embrace unique decorative features. Though the prices of carpets are quite steep here, the quality & craftsmanship is worth the money. Despite the high-priced products, many people come here to shop.
Location: Kibris Cad. No. 5/B, Kusadasi 
Specialty: Elite range of traditional Turkish carpets

10. Evita Jewelry

Evita Jewellery
Evita Jewelry is one of the biggest & dazzling jewellery stores in Kusadasi. Established in 1992, it is a major player in the jewellery market of Kusadasi. It offers both gold and silver ornaments along with stunning wristwatches. The range of jewellery is very appealing and includes decent & reasonable designs to luxury gemstone studded pieces. Notably, visitors can visit this store to buy elegant watches made up of precious & semi-precious metals. The collection of Evita Jewellery is appreciable in terms of the quality standards of the products and the purity of the metals & stones.
Location: Dağ, Barbaros Blv., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 24 hours

11. Hacivat Shop

Hacivat Shop
If you want an exceptional-looking & memorable souvenir, you must visit the Hacivat Shop. It is set in a charming & spacious building and offers numerous kinds of items for visitors. Their main speciality is handmade porcelain wares. At Hacivat Shop, you can purchase exquisite handicrafts from local artisans, such as painted plates, statues, handmade jewellery, quirky vases embracing elegant hand-painting, & more. This shop surely has the best collection of decorative pieces & ceramic art all across the town. The elite-class customers can buy exclusive jewellery presented here, and travellers on a budget can go for the vast selection of teapots, wall clocks, attractive trinkets, magnets, and other miniature souvenirs.
Location: Alacamescit, Yıldırım Cd. No:7, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
Open: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Specialty: Handmade artifacts 
One of the best things for which Kusadasi is well-known is its considerable shopping opportunities. Besides all other attractions and activities, you get a great shopping experience with the traditional local open-air markets and modern shopping malls at Kusadasi. It is a decent place for shopping with the finest facilities and the sweeping variety of products sold at usually competitive rates. Besides, a joyful aspect of shopping in Kusadasi is that most shops stay open seven days a week from morning till night. So, whether you are a fanatical shopper or a random packrat, there is no chance to leave Kusadasi without delightful souvenirs.

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