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Fethiye is one of the most calming destinations in Turkey, which sits along the turquoise Aegean sea and is packed with the charm of nature. The articulately carved rock tombs spread across the bay of Fethiye is not the only thing the city is famous for. The nightclubs and pubs, street shopping spots, and night-outs on the picturesque beaches make up a major part of Fethiye tourism. The bustling nightlife of Fethiye offers a range of activities for singles, couples and even families!

Are you searching for places to spend a vibrant night in Fethiye? Wanting to explore the different recreational options at night? Dancing your heart out in a nightclub or a traditional Turkish night show in Fethiye would do. So let’s take you through the best nightlife experience in Fethiye!

The Best Nightclubs to vibe in Fethiye:

Several pubs and clubs in Fethiye serve you the best clubbing experience. Here is a decent list of clubs ranked the best among many.

1. Kum Saati Bar/ Hourglass Lounge Bar



Fethiye’s most busy street, when the sun goes down, has the trendiest bar in the town, Kum Saati Bar. They offer the most uniquely flavoured cocktails, which almost every visitor appreciates. The lively electronic music and dance scenario turns Kum Saati into a dream location of a hardcore party freak. The simple interior is overshadowed by the loud music, an open garden and big screens in the club that telecast football matches for the ones who don’t prefer the dance floor. You can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and hookahs here.
Highlights: The fish bowl is a must-try food item on their menu.
Timings: Monday -Sunday, 9 AM - 3 AM.
Location: 45.Sokak No:31 Paspatur, 48300 Fethiye/Mugla

2. Minimal Pub



Minimal is ideal for foodies who want to enjoy drinking and snacking along with music playing in the background. The club offers live music on Saturdays, played by local bands, with a curated playlist of classical and jazz songs. Dim-lighted club aura with friendly staff and mouth-watering fast food menu makes Minimal one of the highest-rated clubs of Fethiye. In addition, you can enjoy locally brewed beers and cocktails at affordable prices.
Highlights: Outdoor seating is also available.
Location: Fevzi Çakmak Cad. No 3, Karagozler Mahallesi, Fethiye 48300
Timings: 12 Noon to 1 AM

3. Deep Blue Bar



Deep Blue Bar is the synonym for the buzzing nightlife in Fethiye. From the Lavazza Cappuccino to the alcoholic drinks and spirits, the bar offers refreshing beverages and great music. Decorated in blue colour justifying the name ‘Deep Blue Bar’, it is frequently visited by locals and foreigners for the big TV screens that show football matches and an uninterrupted wifi connection too! So, stop for a drink and live the sizzling culture of Fethiye.
Location: 27 Hamam Sokak, Paspatur, 48300 Fethiye.
Timings: 12:30 PM to 3 AM

4. Cengiz Bar



Cengiz is a unique bar that is loved for cocktails, mocktails and, most importantly, the host of the bar- Mr Cengiz and Audrey! A friendly and fun environment is created as soon as you enter the bar. Several choices of tipples and retro music from the 60s-70s are played often. You’ll be amazed by the Turkish hospitality at Cengiz Bar.
Highlights: There are sunbeds in the outdoor seating area, plus room facilities available on the second floor.
Location: Oludeniz, Inonu Cd. No:14, 48340 Fethiye/Mugla
Timings:10 AM to 3 AM

5. The Reef Bar Bistro Club



One of the highly recommended restaurants in Fethiye is the Reef Bar Bistro Club, which offers a range of cuisine to its customers. Featuring Italian, European, Fusion, Grill and all other delicacies on their menu, Reef Bar provides the best food that is beautifully served. The drinks won’t empty your pockets, and you can savour the varieties of beer at low prices. Make sure to book an early reservation to avoid waiting for your turn, as it gets busier in the evenings.
Highlights: The place also provides fully veggie, vegan and gluten-free food options. BBQ is also available.
Location: Ata Caddesi No:5 Hisaronu, Fethiye 48340
Timings: 12 PM to 7 AM
Entry Price: 110-1870 TRY (6 EURO to 94 EURO)

6. Oh Yes, Cocktail Garden Bar



Away from the busy streets of Hisaronu, Oh Yes Cocktail Bar is a quiet place to relax and unwind, sipping on flavoured cocktails that are authentic to the bar. Cocktails are specially decorated to please your eyes before your taste buds. The music is perfectly amplified with a chill atmosphere in the bar. You can even ask for your desired channel to be switched on their TV and munch on the free side dishes with your drinks.
Highlights: Thursdays are exciting because of the live music played by saxophone players.
Location: Oludeniz, 194. Sk. No:1, 48340, Fethiye/Mugla
Timings: 10 AM to 3 AM every day

7. Attic Lounge Cocktail Bar



Attic Lounge is a place that is children’s favourite due to the impressive welcoming by ‘pirates’ (staff dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow) who take you to your seat and serve you drinks, food, ice cream and more on their menu. There are games like billiards, which is another way of recreation in the club, and some dancing and music. The staff dance their hearts out, and some even perform fire shows. Turkish songs are played between the 80s songs, for more fun and charm. 
Highlights: There is outdoor seating, free wifi and wheelchair accessibility.
Location: Oludeniz, Cumhuriyet Cd. No: 48340, Fethiye/Mugla
Timings: 9 AM to 2 AM daily

8. VIP Dance Bar



Standing best in the list of Fethiye's most entertaining clubs is undoubtedly the VIP Dance Bar. The dance stage is awesome and often holds shows like fire-play and has a couple of skilled singers as the hosts for the club. Their alcoholic drinks are amazing, and the non-alcoholic beverages are even better! The drag shows will keep your eyes hooked to the stage, followed by a lively dance competition MJ show with purple lights enlightening the club.
Highlights: Sports events are telecasted on their TV screens.
Location: Oludeniz, Carsi Cd. No:9/1, 48340, Fethiye/Mugla
Timings: 9 AM to 2 AM daily

For those who prefer not to chug alcohol in clubs, there is a list of events to do in Fethiye apart from clubbing. Karaoke and live shows make up a huge part of the nightlife of Fethiye. So, here is a list of places offering a splendid night with a dose of entertainment:

9. Legends Cafe



Nothing can be better than a Karaoke night with friends at a fantastic club with a DJ playing killer beats to groove. Legends cafe is famous for its karaoke facility and great drinks that are refreshingly flavoured. The owner of this club, Sedge, and the staff are kind and amusing. You can sing, dance, chit-chat with the cordial staff, and enjoy Top Banana Great DJ Barman James.
Location: Yeniaraman, no, Hisaronu Sk., 16170, Fethiye
Timings: 11 AM to 3 AM

10. Flow Art Lounge Bar



For a night away from the hustle and bustle of clubs and pubs, Flow Art Lounge Bar sets a vibe of entertainment with their art collection in the club and an unforgettable salsa night. It has wifi facilities and offers beer, cocktails and mocktails. Sit back and relax on the comfortable couches enjoying iced coffee or alcohol. The ambience is worthy of all praises providing quality drinks and food at reasonable prices.
Location: Cumhuriyet Mah. 45 Sok. 48303 Fethiye
Timings: 9:30 AM to 2 AM everyday

11. Talk of the Town



The unrivalled, best drag show of Fethiye has to be the Talk of the Town drag shows! The dancing is professional, and it surprises you with amazing choreography. Some singers are willing to entertain you all night, and the most anticipated is the drag show by the awesome performers of the club who put up a wholesome and heart-lightening act every day. Visit Talk of the Town to experience a laugh that you never had before.
Location: Oludeniz, 48340 Fethiye/Mugla
Timings: Monday to Sunday, 6:30 AM to 12 AM
Price: 22 EURO for adults and 12 EURO for kids.

12. Turkish Night in Fethiye



Fethiye Turkish Night is the epitome of a night spent to the fullest in Turkey. There are exotic dance shows, traditional folk songs, exquisite Turkish cuisine and many more that open doors to Turkish culture. Many tours take you through your night, pick you up from your hotel and lead to the authentic Turkish Night Culture. You can taste the traditional ‘Raki’ alcohol of Turkey, have fun watching the belly dancers and then you'll be dropped back to your hotel. Make sure to double-check the authenticity of the Tour Program. 
NOTE: Some tour programs have dinner included, while some do not.
Location: Hisaronu local
Time: takes 5 hours (usually after 7 PM)
Price: 10 EURO for children, 20 EURO for adults.
A hotel Transfer Facility is available.

The idea of fun can be poles apart for singles and couples. To suggest some locations for a cheerful night, preferable to the singles and the team separately, you can look into the list below:

Nightlife in Fethiye for Couples:

13. A romantic nightwalk on Calis Beach



Calis Beach is an adored destination by couples as it lets them enjoy the artistic beauty of nature at the seashore. The nights on Calis Beach are busy, and people spend time in the numerous pubs and nightclubs just a few minutes away. Couples can play games, and relax amidst the sand while stargazing. There is also a promenade that runs along the beach and offers with some of the most fascinating options to live through the night.
Location: 1289. Sk. No:46, Foca Mahallesi, Fethiye, 48300
Entry Fee: Free entry to the beach. 

14. Turkish Bath, Massage and Spa for couples

A Turkish Hammam


Fethiye Trip is considered incomplete if you do not visit a Turkish Hamam to release the stress built up in your muscles. The age-old traditional method of full body massage, spa and cleansing performed by professional staff is a heavenly experience. There are several Hamams in Fethiye that you can visit with your partner and cherish scrubs, manicures, Turkish coffee peeling, and more such procedures exclusive to Turkey. 
Some of the top-rated Hamams that open till late at night are Sultan Haman and Spa Center and Esilay Spa and Hamam which are open almost till midnight.

Locations to visit for a lively night in Fethiye for Singles:

15. Fethiye Turkish Night



For an unforgettable night in Fethiye to experience Turkish culture deeply, you can take up a Fethiye Turkish Night Tour. The belly dancers will hypnotize you with their exotic performances and sparkling costumes, and the Turkish music playing throughout the program is a treat to the ears. You are free to enjoy the heavenly food provided there, or you can choose to join the dancers on the stage! The professional dancers would be delighted to teach you a few basic steps. 
The main course, beer and wine, along with local beverages of Turkish origin, would be served at the end of the performances. Lokum and Baklava, the two most famous desserts of Fethiye, will be served after dinner. A Fethiye Turkish Night Tour might be the best memories of your Turkey tour!
Timing of tour: 7 PM / 11 PM
Tour pricing: 20 EURO for adults.
                             10 EURO for children of age 7 to 12
Facilities: Hotel transfer is available. 

16. Elma Music and Dance Club



A new concept in the sector of clubs and bars, Elma Music and Dance Club created an energetic aura for people who like to party hard. With Turkish music on the DJs, people groove to the bop beats on the well-spaced dance floor all night. The tagline of Elma says, “Apple is Good,” which depicts the trendy vibe that the club possesses. They serve delicious cocktails, wine and beer.
Location: Cumhuriyet, 45. Sk. No:35, 48303 Fethiye/Mugla
Timings: Monday to Sunday, 8 PM to 2 AM
Price: 1 EURO to 5 EURO

17. Cafes and Street Food

Street food and night is the best combo for a foodie roaming Fethiye's streets after sundown. There is a long list of fast food items authentic to Fethiye that one must try, including the Turkish Pancakes- Gozleme, Bazlama, Midye Dolma, Balik Ekmek, and many more. You can always visit the Old Town, Hisaronu and the Fish Market of Fethiye for various food options. A huge number of shops in these area open till late at night.

Other Things To Do

18. A nightwalk in Fethiye



You can walk through the streets of Fethiye City Centre or even beaches at night. A relaxing trail will declutter your mind, and what is better than spending time with yourself on the city's illuminated streets? The seafood restaurant and fish market are exceptionally decorated with lights radiating positive vibes. Fethiye Old Town is another excellent option for a relaxing night walk.

19. A movie night at Hillside Beach Club



You may book Hillside Beach Club resort for a stay in Fethiye. Hillside is a one-stop destination for experiencing all the luxuries, from sea-sighting to watching a movie on a beach lying on a sunbed. The resort is packed with entertainment with performers, competitions, games played with guests, and night shows.
Location: Kayakoy Mahallesi, Belen Cad. No:132, Fethiye 48300

What To Wear In Fethiye

Although there are no laws stating the dress code of Turkey, some unsaid rules exist that a traveller must follow on their trip to Turkey. The urban areas are usually liberal about the dress code, but to avoid issues, you can follow the following:
  • Dress modestly at all times.
  • Women are advised to cover themselves till below their knees.
  • Make sure your chest is properly protected.
  • Men and Women can wear clothes they are comfortable in, keeping in mind that decency is the only thing required when dressing up in Turkey. 
Fethiye is a city rich in culture and traditions, which turns different when the sun sets. Touring the city at night will give you an insight into the high-spirited and jazzy side. The clubs, pubs and night shows of the city would welcome you warmly at all times; therefore, get going to spend a night full of entertainment in Fethiye!

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