Delhi to Agra by Train: A Scenic Route in India's Iconic Golden Triangle

The journey from the bustling capital city of Delhi to the historically rich city of Agra is more than just a train ride. It's a passage through the heartland of North India, offering a glimpse into the soul of the country. And when this journey is framed within the context of the Golden Triangle tour, its significance magnifies manifold.

The Golden Triangle and Its Significance

The Golden Triangle, as the name suggests, forms a triangular circuit comprising three of North India's most celebrated cities: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. This route is a traveler's delight, offering a blend of modernity, history, culture, and architecture. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the Mughal grandeur of Agra and the royal allure of Jaipur, the Golden Triangle promises an unforgettable Indian experience.

Starting Point: Delhi

Delhi, a city of contrasts, is where the past and the present coexist. With its historical monuments, such as the Red Fort and Qutub Minar, juxtaposed against modern establishments and skyscrapers, the city offers a unique starting point for the Golden Triangle tour.

The Journey: Delhi to Agra by Train

One of the most favored and convenient ways to travel from Delhi to Agra is by train. The Indian Railways, with its extensive network, ensures a comfortable journey:

Types of Trains

There are various trains that ply between Delhi and Agra, catering to different travel preferences and budgets. From luxury trains like the Gatimaan Express, which boasts of top-notch amenities and swift travel time, to the Shatabdi Express and Intercity trains, travelers have a plethora of options.


The train journey can be as short as 100 minutes, as in the case of the Gatimaan Express, or might take up to 3-4 hours depending on the train type and the number of stops.

Here are some train options between Delhi and Agra:

TrainDepartureArrivalDurationFare (approx)
Gatimaan Express (12050)10:10 from New Delhi (NDLS)11:50 at Agra Cantt (AGC)1h 40mExecutive AC Chair Car: ₹1500
AC Chair Car: ₹750
Bhopal Shatabdi (12002)06:00 from New Delhi (NDLS)07:57 at Agra Cantt (AGC)1h 57mExecutive Class: ₹1400
AC Chair Car: ₹650
Taj Express (12280)06:45 from Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)09:40 at Agra Cantt (AGC)2h 55mII Sitting: ₹130
AC Chair Car: ₹490
New Delhi - Agra Intercity Express (14212)17:40 from New Delhi (NDLS)21:20 at Agra Cantt (AGC)3h 40mII Sitting: ₹140
AC Chair Car: ₹500
Nizamuddin - Agra Cantt. Gatimaan Express (12050)08:10 from Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)09:50 at Agra Cantt (AGC)1h 40mExecutive AC Chair Car: ₹1500
AC Chair Car: ₹800
Agra Super Fast (12189)23:55 from New Delhi (NDLS)02:25 at Agra Cantt (AGC)2h 30mSleeper: ₹270
AC 3-tier: ₹730
AC 2-tier: ₹1050
Mahakaushal Express (12189)16:25 from Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)19:10 at Agra Cantt (AGC)2h 45mSleeper: ₹270
AC 3-tier: ₹730
AC 2-tier: ₹1050
Kalka Mail (12311)21:25 from New Delhi (NDLS)00:22 at Agra Cantt (AGC)2h 57mSleeper: ₹270
AC 3-tier: ₹730
AC 2-tier: ₹1050
AC 1st Class: ₹1800


As you chug along from Delhi to Agra, the urban landscape slowly transitions into the countryside. Verdant fields, traditional hamlets, and occasional historical ruins dot the route, offering a panoramic view of North Indian topography.


Trains to Agra depart from New Delhi Railway Station and arrive at Agra Cantt Station. Both stations are well-connected to their respective cities, ensuring easy onward journeys.

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Destination: Agra

A city that has been immortalized by the Taj Mahal, Agra is more than just this iconic monument. As you disembark from the train, the city welcomes you with remnants of the Mughal Empire. The Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and the local bazaars are just as enthralling. While the city embodies Mughal architecture and history, it also offers delectable Mughlai cuisine, handicrafts, and a vibrant local culture.

The train journey from Delhi to Agra is not merely a means of transportation but an experience in itself. Set against the broader canvas of the Golden Triangle tour, this trip exemplifies the diversity and depth of India. So, as the train chugs between these two cities, rest assured, you're not just covering a distance, but also traveling through the annals of time, witnessing the stories and legends that make India truly incredible.

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