10 Clubs in Paros, Greece for Best Nightlife Experience

Paros gets a special mention in tourist destinations for its iconic beaches with the view of the mesmerizing Aegean Sea. It is one of many islands of the Cyclade island group in Greece. Paros has a long history of being the land in abundance with white marble, which gave birth to the term Parian meaning marble. Walking along Paros' clean and beautifully decorated streets, you can see a lot of white marble in the architecture. In every corner of this tourist spot in Greece, you can find uncountable clubs, especially beach clubs and bars, offering the perfect nightlife in Greece.

Here are the top 10 clubs to can spend your night at Paros

1. Golden Beach Paros

Golden Beach Paros
Golden Beach Paros
To spend an entire day in Paros with delicious food and unparalleled beauty, and in front of the beach, visit the all-day beach bar Golden Beach at Paros. A perfect place to spend with friends and family, the beach bar offers fresh beverages and juices, strong coffee, a list of smoothies, a variety of snacks, and a unique selection of cocktails. You can also rest and relax on the sun beds and umbrellas at the beachfront. The bar is right in the garden area, where you can also glimpse the sea. There is Greek and Mediterranean-styled cuisine and special seaside lunch or dinner arrangement throughout the day. Savor the locally sourced fresh fish recipes and veggies tossed in special spices. Don't miss the traditional Greek cuisine and the barbeque.
Address - Golden Beach, Paros Island, 84 400 Greece
Tel.: +30 22840 41366, +30 22840 41194, +30 22840 41549

2. Punda Coast

Punda Coast
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If you are a party lover, Punda Coast is probably the best destination to enjoy an eventful night in Paros. The Punda beach, a 250-meter beach, attracts divers, surfers, and tourists all year round. You can enjoy the outdoor seating and the serene sea. You can enjoy the pool activities or relax in the pavilions, basking in the sun.  The Punda Coast club at the Punda coast is entirely Instagram-worthy with great drinks, unstoppable music, a live DJ, and an excellent beach bar.  You can visit the beach club without any prior reservations. There is a wide list of gin, vodka, whiskey, champagne, and wine. You can also try their crafted beer and enjoy the Punda Coast’s beauty.
Address - PUNDA MARPISA PAROS, Márpissa, Greece, 84401
Tel. - +30 693 690 6628

3. Sommaripa Consolato Paros

Sommaripa Consolate Paros
Sommaripo Consolato Paros
Sommaripa Consolato in Paros is one of the top destinations to share a drink under the night sky. Apart from the lovely sea from the bar offers, travellers flock in plenty to taste their wide range of cocktails. The contemporary-styled coffee bar projects the beauty of Cycladic architecture. Soft music is playing in the background, and they also serve fantastic food. In addition to this, there is also a rooftop bar, mostly filled all summer with locals. With a sip of your favourite cocktail, you can enjoy the view of the fishing boats at the picturesque harbour or idly sit on the small, intimately designed balcony. The all-day coffee bar takes reservations and also allows minors. Don't skip ordering the Parian ingredients infused with unique cocktails and a variety of homemade island liquors.
Address - Naoussa, Paros
Tel. - +30.228.405.5233
Hours - Mon-Sun: 9:30 AM – 3:00 AM

4. Sante Cocktail Bar

Sante Cocktail Bar at Paros
Sante Cocktail Bar at Paros
Located in Naoussa, the Sante Cocktail Bar showcases the best of Paros with its traditional coffee and fine cocktail mixtures. The bar has professional mixologists serving the best of the best. The cosy and outdoor setting of the bar makes it more welcoming. Click as many photographs as you can from the terrace of Sante, the busiest street of Naoussa, and enjoy your drink. The long list of cocktails will goggle your mind.  There is Mandarin Sour, Mojito, Fruit Daiquiri Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Passion Caramel, and much more in Rum Cocktails. Vodka has Vodka Sour, White Russian, Lemon Pie, Amber, and more. Don't miss trying the Rossini with fresh strawberries and Prosecco and the Long Island Iced Tea with white rum, tequila silver, lemon juice, and cola.
Address - St. Ioannis, Naousa 844 01, Greece
Hours - 10:00 to 3:00 AM

5. The Dubliner

Dubliner at Paros
Dubliner at Paros
Named after the capital city of Ireland, the Dubliner is one of the favourite places for Australians and New Zealanders to hang out under the starry sky. Apart from the furnished wooden ambience, the Dubliner also organizes live music and DJ sessions accompanied by a fully energized crowd. The highlights are the electronic drum beats and the occasional salsa nights at the Dubliner. There is an excellent selection of beer, cider, whiskey, wine, and cocktails here. You can try the traditionally crafted beer with Voreia Smoked Ale and IPA, Irish Whiskey, or Bourbons. The unique Rum collection includes Zacapa 23, Captain Morgan Black, and Bacardi White. If you are into wines, try the Avdiros, Biblia Hora, White Rabbit, Santorini Karamolegos, Gia, Sangria, and so many more. Try the Dubliner cocktail along with Pina Colada and Bloody Mary.
Address - Parikia, Paros
Tel - +30 22840 21113
Hours - Sunday to Thursday - 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM
Friday to Saturday - 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM

6. Evinos

Evinos at Paros
Evinos at Paros
This is one of the most crowded places in Paros - the Evinos club. It has the most beautiful waterfront facing the busy Parikia port. The warm yellow lights inside the club make it even more welcoming. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the wonderful evening with the view of the Aegean Sea from the terrace. The sunset view of the Aegean Sea is equally mesmerizing. Enjoy the nightlife in Paros at the Evinos dance floor, which remains open till dawn. You can grab as many kinds of cocktails as you want. There is a combination of gin, whisky, vodka, and tequila.
Address - Parikia, 84400, Paros
Tel. +30 697 441 3232

7. Bebop

Bebop at Paros
Bebop at Paros
From sandwiches by the sea to cocktails, everything is a notch higher in quality at the Bebop. There is an outdoor sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a fantastic sea view. The contemporary-styled bar cafe remains crowded all through the year.  You can dance to the jazz beats and enjoy the perfect nightlife in Paros. You can start your finding experience with the Zombie cocktail, a must-have in Bebop. An exhaustive list of Peruvian food is found here, and one of the special among those is the Peruvian potato. If you want something locally resourced, then definitely try the local beer with the perfect sunset views.
Address - Paros 844 00, Greece
Tel.  Phone: +30 2284 028075

8. Fortis Bar

Fortis Bar at Paros
Fortis Bar at Paros
Having lunch in the Fortis for a glass of wine is like sitting just by the sea, experiencing the waves, and sipping a gulp. The waves can touch your feet, and you can also book your umbrella table. From gluten-free pancakes to scrambled eggs with Chorizo - the flavours are one of a kind. The bar's ambience is inviting and has regular parties inside the premises. Evenings at the Fortis Bar become even more beautiful when the surroundings light up on a moon night. You can taste handcrafted cocktails infused with gin, whisky, and vodka. There is also a large variety of wines available. The bar also offers uncountable vegan options.
Address - Nausea, Greece
Tel. - +302284053000
Hours - 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

9. Palm Beach Paros

Palm Beach Paros
Palm Beach Paros
The ideal place to enjoy nature and its serenity in Paros is the Palm Beach Paros. A lineup of palm trees throughout the boundary makes this beach club's ambience unique and serene. You can listen to soft music and bask under the sun's rays throughout the day. If you are lucky enough, you can also experience a barbeque night under a starry sky. There is also a little shopping boutique inside the premises, with outdoor seating arrangements for its guests. You can start the evening with a Freddy Cappuccino and shift to an exhaustive list of cocktails. The crafted beer is a must-try here. Also, try the famous hamburgers and the Fondant Au Chocolat.
Address - Agia Eirini, 84400 Paroikía, Kikladhes,, Paros 844 00, Greece
Tel. - +302284093060

10. Rebel Beach Bar

Rebel Beach Bar
Rebel Beach Bar
The Rebel Beach Bar is one of the most welcoming and warm beach bars in the heart of Paros. It is regarded as the oldest beach bar in this region and offers live guitar sessions, good music, and great food. The idea was the brainchild of Nikos Louridis, the owner himself. You can book your private seafront umbrella and enjoy the lunch or the dinner of your choice. To add to the fun, there are different water sports in the same island compound. There is a large selection of signature cocktails at the Rebel Beach Bar. You can try the unique Mexican Cucumber with tequila, the Aloha infused with gin, passion fruit, and lychee, Rebel Punch infused with apricot, agave, passion fruit, Salty Rosemary, and so many others. If you are a wine lover, try the Paros Estate and Paros Moraitis.
Paros 844 00, Greece
Tel: +30 22840 42189, +30 6980069440
Paros and its vibrant beach clubs are enticing and are a perfect gateway to spending a relaxing weekend ahead. So, what are you waiting for?

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