12 Best Cafes in Varkala To Dine At By The Seas!

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Bracketed by the Red Cliff and the Arabian Sea, the region of Varkala has incredible sightings throughout! Mostly a youth-tourist hub, Varkala has given rise to cafe culture, and here we bring to you a list of the best cafes in Varkala! 

1. Darjeeling Cafe 

Darjeeling Cafe
The Darjeeling Cafe has to be one of the most popular cafes among tourists. Known for its get ambience, decor management and delectable seafood, Darjeeling Cafe is the go-to for an evening date or even a quick snack!
Address: Middle Cliff
Contact: 75588 22899 
Price for Two: INR 1000 
Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Fresh Juices, Chicken Kerala Fry 

2. Cafe Italiano

Caffe Italiano
If you are up for sipping on coffee amongst the greenery, then Cafe Italiano is among the best cafes in Varkala that you can choose! Housed in wooden interiors, the location of the cafe is pleasant as it provides a magnificent sea view. Designed with an in-house mini library, this cafe is best to visit in the evening. 
Address: North Cliff, Varkala Beach
Contact: 98460 53194 
Price for Two: INR 500 
Recommended Dishes: Calamari, Fresh Juices, Pizza

3. Jairam Cafe

Jairam Cafe
The ocean-side Jairam Cafe and Guest House is a scenic eatery. Known for serving great food at affordable rates, Jairam Cafe is housed in a homely atmosphere spruced up in interesting DIY interiors.
Address: North Cliff, Thiruvambadi Beach
Contact: 94964 16570 
Price for Two: INR 500 
Recommended Dishes: Lemon and Butter Glazed Tiger Prawn, Moussaka, Pizza 

4. InDa Cafe

InDa Cafe
InDa Cafe Varkala is a pocket-friendly option for those on a budget. This shack-like restaurant provides a great beach vibe in addition to its array of continental style breakfast options. The quirky decor style of the cafe is sure to set in your mood! 
Address: 1/153a, Kurakkanni, Inda Hotel
Contact: 94955 77077
Price for Two: INR 500
Recommended Dishes: Buddha Bowl, Pancakes, Chicken Benedict 

5. Coffee Temple

Coffee Temple
The name "Coffee Temple" is recommended over and over again when in Varkala. Going by its name, the coffee here is almost religious! Serving a delicious range of coffee and especially their cinnamon tea is quite popular as well! In addition to hot beverages, they also have various breakfast and other food options. Although crowded, the ambience of the place is lively as it is housed in an open space. 
Address: North Cliff, Helipad
Contact: 81290 50685 
Price for Two: INR 500
Recommended Dishes: Bacon Sandwich, French Toast, Pasta 

6. Benny’s Cafe

Benny’s Cafe is situated in a small shop in Varkala. Looking at the shop, you wouldn’t even guess the killer cold coffee that is served in this cafe and is definitely regarded as one of the best cafes in Varkala. Benny’s Cafe also serves excellent homemade food. The staff at Benny's are courteous as well! 
Address: Varkala Beach Road
Contact: 97473 33012
Price for Two: INR 500 
Recommended Dishes: Cold coffee, Breakfast dishes

7. Nomad

Nomad is a cafe in Varkala that is sure to provide an amazing dining experience. Known for their beach seating arrangement which also makes for a great romantic setting, Nomad serves Indian and Continental cuisine. 
Address:  North cliff
Contact: 90619 32651
Price for Two: INR 1,500 
Recommended Dishes: Buddha Bowls, Punjabi Thali, Seafoods 

8. Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar
Cafe Del Mar is a great seaside cafe by the North Cliff in Varkala. With a huge menu housed in simple decor, Cafe Del Mar is primarily known for their sumptuous Italian dishes. The cafe also serves hearty portion sizes. 
Address: Northcliff
Contact: 90619 32651
Price for Two: INR 1,000
Recommended Dishes: Pasta, Sandwiches, Tandoori Chicken 

9. Trattorias

Trattorias cafe is known for its oriental dishes alongside their delicious bakery. We recommend you to reserve a balcony sitting area to savour the best view while you munch on your order! If you are travelling in a group, then the diverse Trattorias is the perfect option to satisfy multiple taste buds. 
Address: North Black Beach
Contact: 0470 260 1028
Price for Two: INR 1,000 
Recommended Dishes: Dumpling Soup, Sushi, Seafood 

10. Tibetan Kitchen

Tibetan Kitchen
Tibetan Kitchen is ideal if you are in the mood for great momos. Housed in a great seating arrangement, the Tibetan Kitchen also serves alcohol, making it one of the best cafes in Varkala if you're looking to have a beer with your meal. We recommend you to take the seat with the best beach view for the utmost feels!
Address: Papanasam Cliff, next to Hill Top Ayurvedic Beach Resort
Contact: 97465 86261 
Price for Two: INR 1,000 
Recommended Dishes: Seafood Dishes, Momos, Breakfast 

11. Theeram

Theeram cafe is situated right on the beach, which makes it an excellent location for romantic dates, especially. Running for over two decades now, Theeram serves excellent seafood and breakfast options. This dim-lit ambient eatery makes the cafe a beautiful evening rendezvous!
Address: Papanasam Beach, Varkala Town
Contact: 94475 99505 
Price for Two: INR 1,500
Recommended Dishes: Seafood, Soups, Juice 

12. Soul & Surf

Soul & Surf
Soul & Surf is a cafe located at different hubs across the world. Been a part of the Varkala food scene since 2010, the outdoor clifftop sitting at Soul & Surf makes it quite beautiful, especially during barbecues! In addition to hosting a wood-fired pizza oven, Soul & Surf also organise Surf Film & Pizza Night on Saturday nights!
Address: South Cliff, Janardhanapuram
Contact: 9895842538 
Price for Two: INR 1,500
Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Seafood, Juices 
Have you been to any of these cafes in Varkala? Which is your favourite? Are you excited to visit these cafes when in Varkala? Did we miss out on any of the best cafes in Varkala? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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