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Bangladesh (Source)
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A Bengal tiger, the national animal, in the Sundarbans (Source)
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Bangabhaban (literally Bengal House) is the presidential palace of Bangladesh. It was originally a house for the Viceroy of India and the Governor of Bengal. (Source)
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The National Parliament building in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, a neighborhood named after the first Prime Minister of Bengal (Source)
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Coin featuring a horseman issued after the Muslim conquest of Bengal. (Source)
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Map of Bangladesh UN Peacekeeping Force deployments (Source)
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The Rapid Action Battalion has been sanctioned by the United States for human rights abuses. (Source)
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Gulshan Avenue, one of the financial hubs of Bangladesh (Source)
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Chittagong has the busiest port on the Bay of Bengal. (Source)
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Wind turbines on Kutubdia Island (Source)
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Siraj-ud-Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal (Source)
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A mural with Bengali letters in Detroit, United States (Source)
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Buddha Dhatu Jadi, the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh (Source)
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Lord Clive meeting with Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey, which led to the overthrow of the last independent Nawab of Bengal (Source)
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Charles Cornwallis was responsible for enacting the Permanent Settlement. (Source)
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Lord Curzon oversaw the creation of Eastern Bengal and Assam. (Source)
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Embroidery on Nakshi kantha (embroidered quilt), a centuries-old Bengali art tradition (Source)
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Syed Mujtaba Ali (Source)
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Manipuri dance is one of classical dance forms of Bangladesh, due to the presence of a Manipuri tribal community in northeast Bangladesh.[431] (Source)
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A Baul playing the ektara at Lalon Shah's shrine in Kushtia (Source)
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A ramp walk by a model during a fashion show in Bangladesh in 2012 (Source)
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An Eid al-Fitr prayer (Source)
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Bangladesh cricket team (Source)
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Bangladeshi football team (Source)
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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (seated) at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in the United States in 1958 (Source)

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