Magnificent Temples in Kolhapur for a Serene Short Trip

Temples in Kolhapur

Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the river Panchaganga in the south-west region of Maharashtra. Situated 230 kilometres away from Pune, Kolhapur derives its name from a mythological story of Kol (Read More)hapur - a demon who was slain by Goddess Mahalakshmi. The famous Mahalakshmi temple is situated here in the honour of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Here is the list of 10 Magnificent Temples in Kolhapur for a Serene Short Trip

1. Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir, Kolhapur

Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir, Kolhapur

Located at a distance of 48 kms from Kolhapur in Narsobawadi, Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir is a revered Hindu Temple dedicated to Narsinh Saraswati - an incarnation of Lord Shri Dattatreya. Built on the banks of river Krishna, the temple is a popular pilgrimage spot of the Hindus.

2. Binkhambi Ganesh Temple, Kolhapur

Binkhambi Ganesh Temple, Kolhapur
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After the Mahalakshmi Temple, this is the most important temple in Kolhapur, built in honor of Lord Ganesha. The temple attracts a lot of devotees as well as architecture enthusiasts because the marvel of the temple is that it is made without a single pillar.

3. Kopeshwar Temple, Kolhapur

Kopeshwar Temple, Kolhapur

Located in Khidrapur in Kolhapur district at the junction of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Kopeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built on the banks of River Krishna, the shrine boasts of a beautiful architecture with various intricate carvings on the interior and exterior walls. Besides, it also has idols of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma among others.

4. Gangagiri Maharaj Math Temple, Kolhapur

Gangagiri Maharaj Math Temple, Kolhapur

Gangagiri Maharaj Math Temple is located amidst the Dijapur Forest on a hilltop. The math also offers yoga and meditation exercises for the devotees. Besides, the temple is located amidst beautiful scenic locales and makes for a mesmerising experience.

5. Jyotiba Temple, Kolhapur

Jyotiba Temple, Kolhapur
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The beautiful temple of Kolhapur, known as the Jyotiba Temple lies near the village of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The temple is constantly laden with 'rang which translates to colour, implying the colour used to play Holi. This is because the gulal is offered to Lord Jyotiba as a token of sincerity by the pilgrims. The glorious temple is built for Lord Jyotiba as its name suggests, who was believed to be an embodiment of three different deities.

6. Chinmaya Ganadhish, Kolhapur

Chinmaya Ganadhish, Kolhapur

Located at a distance of 14 kms from Kolhapur in Maharashtra on the Pune- Bangalore Highway, Chinmaya Ganadhish is the tallest statue of Hindu God Ganesh in the entire world. The statue stands tall at a height of 61 feet placed on a base of 24 feet. It was inaugurated in 2001.

7. Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur, Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur, Kolhapur
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The Mahalakshmi temple was built in the 7th century by Chalukya rulers and is one of the six abodes of 'Shakti' (Goddess of Power) from where one can attain fulfilment and salvation of desires. Mahalakshmi is also known as Goddess Ambabai and is a revered Goddess among Hindus. The temple enjoys the status of one of the most important pilgrim sites in India.

8. Temlabai Mandir, Kolhapur

Temlabai Mandir, Kolhapur
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The Temlabai temple is situated on the Temlabai Hill both of which derive their name from the Goddess Temlabai who according to mythology is the sister of Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is said that Temlabai fought alongside Mahalakshmi to eradicate all evils however after the war, Mahalakshmi didn't give her due credit. Furious, Temlabai left and lived in the hills which is now named after her. During the festival of Navtrati, The procession from Mahalakshmi temple goes to Temlabai Temple according to the legends this is the only day Mahalakshmi meets her sister Temlabai.

9. Uttareshwar Mahadev Temple, Kolhapur

Uttareshwar Mahadev Temple, Kolhapur

The Uttareshwar Mahadev Temple is located in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. Built alongside the Rankala river, the temple is believed to have been existing since the 7th century. The Uttareshwar Mahadev temple houses the all-mighty Lord Shiva. The Shivling in the Uttareshwar Mahadev Temple is believed to be one of the biggest Shivlings.

10. Khol Khandoba Mandir, Papachi Tikati

Khol Khandoba Mandir, Papachi Tikati

The Khol Khandoba Mandir is an ancient temple located at Papachi Tikati in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. From outside the temple, one can see a large dome but the main deity of the temple, the shiv ling is located approximately 25-30 feet below the temple. The devotees have to climb a flight of stairs to reach the main deity. The temple is believed to have existed during the period of the Mughals during the 13th and 14th century.

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