Gorgeous Gardens in Gandhinagar for a Day Amidst Nature

List of Gardens in Gandhinagar

The beautiful gardens in Gandhinagar are a relief from the din and chaos of the city. With well-maintained green glossy lawns, orderly flower beds and joggers' track, these gardens in Gandhinagar are (Read More) flocked by children and adults alike. Some of these gardens in Gandhinagar are theme based like Indroda Nature Park with sculptures of dinosaurs littered all over the place, while some others like Swarnim Park have statues of freedom fighters etc. Most of these recreational gardens in Gandhinagar have umpteen swings for kids to have a good time and several benches for the adults to relax amidst bounteous nature. We have compiled a list of the best gardens in Gandhinagar. Check it out!

Here is the list of 5 Gorgeous Gardens in Gandhinagar for a Day Amidst Nature

1. Children's Park, Gandhinagar

Children's Park, Gandhinagar
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An attraction for children and holiday, makers of the Children's Park in Sector 28 has a mini train and a lake with boating facilities. It is yet another famous destination and people often go here for an evening stroll with friends and families as the serenity and tranquility of the park makes it an appropriate place to sit and relax.

2. Sarita Udyan, Gandhinagar

Sarita Udyan, Gandhinagar
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Sarita Udyan is a picnic spot that is popular among the locals, and this is located adjacent to a deer park, which is another must see location. It never fails to enthrall both kids as well as adults.

3. Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar

Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar

Resting on the banks of River Sabarmati is a 400-hectare gem, the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park. Not only is this park the second largest dinosaur-egg hatchery in the world, but it also houses skeletons of gigantic mammals like the blue whale! The premises of the park include a vast botanical garden, an amphitheatre and an interpretation centre equipped with all the camping facilities.

4. Puneet Van, Gandhinagar

Puneet Van, Gandhinagar

Puneet Van literally translates to ¥Holy forest' in Gujarati, and this botanical garden has been carefully named so. The peculiarity of this garden is that it houses over 3500 trees and plants, and they are all chosen and arranged in accordance with Hindu mythology and astrological significance! The garden is divided into 4 astrological division and the plants are named after planets, stars and zodiacs.

5. Swarnim Park, Gandhinagar

Swarnim Park, Gandhinagar

Swarnim Park is an urban park situated in Sector 12B in Gnadhinagar. The highlight of the park is a life like statue of Sardar Patel in the centre. It also has well-maintained lawns, pretty flower beds and orderly joggers' track.

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