Tesselated Pavement

Tesselated Pavement, Tasmania Overview

These naturally formed pavements on the hard rocks of Eagleneck Hawk are one of the cooler things you're gonna see!

The piece of land connecting the Tasmanian Peninsula to the mainland is full of diffierent types of geological formations. One of those is the Tesselated Pavement. In an instance you'll notice the two different types of rock formations, the pan and the loaf. The loaf type occurs on the part of the rock closer to the sea, which don't dry out due to being constantly wet and see low levels of salt crystalisation. The harsh water travels through the narrow joints and erodes them further, leaving loaf like protrusions. The other type, the pan, is farther away from the shore and dries out during low tide. The dryness allows the salt crystals to develop further, eroding the surface faster than the joints. Hence the look. You can spend an hour or two relaxing along the rocks, with the wavy ocean and a spectacular view for company!

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