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Navi Mumbai

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Ideal duration: 3-5 days

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Navi Mumbai Tourism

Navi Mumbai was established in the year 1971 as a result of the evergrowing population of Mumbai. The city of Navi Mumbai is located to the east of Mumbai separated by the Arabian Sea and to the South of Thane city. A vision of its architect, Adi Kanga, Navi Mumbai is the 12th cleanest city in India.

Attractions have been scattered around Navi Mumbai like the Kharghar Hills, Pandavkada Waterfalls, Central Park, Mango Garden, Belapur Fort, Jewel of Navi Mumbai, etc. Since travelling to Navi Mumbai is a bit difficult, a new International Airport (NMIA) in Navi Mumbai is under construction which hopes to reduce the load on the Mumbai International Airport.

Shopping in Navi Mumbai has its ease due to the relatively less crowd and the long list of Shopping Malls spread out evenly in Navi Mumbai. The local way of shopping can be experienced in the Kalamboli Market. When it comes to food, Navi Mumbai has everything you can crave for. Apart from the famous food joints, there are numerous restaurants and street food places like the Star Biryani, Smoking Pizza, Brew House Cafe, 70 Beans, Zinga, Masala Wok and many more that serve mouthwatering cuisines at reasonable prices. Nightlife in Mumbai can overshadow the nights in Navi Mumbai, but Pubs, Bars & Lounges like Tight, The Angrez Pub, Zenzibu Da Sky Lounge, Royal Oak Brewery, British Brewing Company, etc. keep the nights engaged.

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CIDCO Kharghar Golf Course
The scenic bracket of the CIDCO Kharghar Golf Course
Golf courses in Mumbai
Golf courses in Mumbai

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