Indians May Now Travel Visa–Free To This European Country!

As per recent reports, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has announced visa-free travel to tourists travelling on Indian passports considering a large number of Indian tourists visit southeastern European countries each year. The duration of stay would be valid for 30 days from the day of entry. Iran is another country whose nationals have been granted visa-free travel within Serbia.

The Reason Behind the Visa-Free Travel

According to one of the government officials, visa-free travel will help in undisturbed arrival of tourists who could also be potential investors. This, in the long run, will foster business opportunities and improve relations with these countries.

Annual Transaction Between Serbia & India

Known for its natural beauty, ancient architecture, rugged terrains and great mountains, Serbia is one of the least explored travel destinations of the world. Despite this, Serbia observed an annual transaction of around USD 150 million between Belgrade and New Delhi, and around USD 20 million between Iran and Serbia. The implementation of this new rule for Indian and Iranian tourists is aimed at boosting tourism from these countries.

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This post was published by Ashutosh Chandra

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