This Little Town With a Population of 1 Has A Mayor, Librarian and Bartender

The smallest incorporated town in America, Monowi, Nebraska, has a population of just one citizen. Surprised? Yes, it's true! 

A lady named Elsie Eiler is Monowi's single resident ever since her husband Rudy passed away in 2004. She has taken up multiple roles in this town as she herself is a mayor, treasurer, librarian, and clerk and she is working 12 hours a day, six days a week. She resides at the tavern she owns and she is the sole occupant of the town. 

It's amazing as to how effectively she has managed to run the town all by herself and she is the only taxpayer. She ensures that the water and the three street lamps in Monowi keeps running. She pays USD 500 a year for maintenance. 

If you wonder how it just has one citizen, well it didn't until a few decades ago. The occupants moved elsewhere as farmer jobs were overtaken by automation. For survival, they moved out of Monowi. 

Ellie may be the only citizen but Monowi does draw in some tourists from around the town. Her tavern is the sole cause of all the tourist footfall here. 

Ellie told BBC, "It’s like one big family. There are fourth-and fifth-generation customers coming in and it’s pretty neat when the people you remember as babies are now bringing their babies in to show me.”

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